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Sunnyvale is most known as a tech hub now, but it’s also where video games were born. As the former home of Atari, Sunnyvale was and continues to be a hub for innovation. The rising demand for home renovations in Sunnyvale has made remodeling costs very high in this area. Renovations in Sunnyvale are typically between $400-$600 per square foot versus the national average of $75-$250 per square foot. See more about how Eano's bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling, and ADU build pricing compares to our competitors in Sunnyvale.

Estimated Remodeling Costs in Sunnyvale

Plans & Permitting


Average Build Time

Project Management

Interior Construction

Interior Finishing Materials

Estimated Total


Starts at $8,000


Average 3-5 Months

Eano App

Starts at $60/sqft

Starts at $40/sqft

Starts at $208,000

$27,000 Saved


Starts at $12,000


Average 4-6 Months

Starts at $3,000



Starts at $235,000

*Estimates are based on a one-story 500 sq.ft. ADU project on a flat plot of feasible land. Construction is the building of a closed envelope. Interior construction is the labor to install flooring, kitchen, bathroom and paint. Interior finishing materials is for the materials for the flooring, kitchen, bathroom and paint. Trenching and bringing the utilities to the ADU are excluded and will be quoted separately, as the price can significantly vary from project to project.

Featured Sunnyvale Home Renovation Projects



Jial L

Eano helped us turned this 50 year-old poorly-maintained house into a modern home. There were a few hiccups along the way but the Eano contractor was very reliable and delivered this project on time.

Project Details

Construction Cost
Build Time
3 Weeks
Project Detail
Kitchen Remodel

Take a Virtual Tour of Top Supply Stores in Sunnyvale

Affordable Home Renovation & ADU Contractors in USAffordable Home Renovation & ADU Contractors in US


Contemporary tiling, premium hardwood flooring, custom kitchen and bath features — Lusso has it all. Lusso carries trendsetting, technologically superior materials for homeowners in the Bay Area. Modern home renovations need modern materials. Eano is proud to partner with Lusso for stylish and intentional design elements. Take a 3D virtual tour to see what this gorgeous home retail store has to offer.



Affordable Home Renovation & ADU Contractors in USAffordable Home Renovation & ADU Contractors in US


Since 2002, KZ Kitchen has provided on-trend, stylish kitchen and bathroom accessories for homeowners throughout the Bay Area. From gorgeous granite, quartz and marble countertops to carefully crafted cabinetry, KZ Kitchen makes modern home design easy and accessible. Eanovation is proud to partner with KZ Kitchen for up-to-date and innovative home renovation materials. Look through this 3D virtual tour to see their 7 beautifully decorated showrooms.







Affordable Home Renovation & ADU Contractors in USAffordable Home Renovation & ADU Contractors in US


For nearly two decades, East Star Building Supply has provided the Bay Area with stylish, high quality, and affordable home improvement products. From fixtures to cabinets and vanities, East Star offers the latest trends and innovations for modern home renovation. Eanovation is proud to partner with East Star for the best in kitchen and bathroom materials. Take a virtual 3D tour of their incredible store and showroom.







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