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Save 30% or more while enjoying quality design and dependable construction.

The Simplest Way to Remodel

Step 1

Tell Us About Your Project

Answer a few simple questions about your remodeling project.

Step 2

Customize Your Materials

Select the materials bundle that fits your individual style.

Step 3

Get a Competitive Quote

Meet with our architectural and project management team and receive a quote.

Step 4

We Start Building

Once you approve the proposed budget, we’ll begin construction on your project.

Interior Design Bundles

Reliable, Quality Work That Fits Your Budget

Affordable Home Renovation & ADU Contractors in US

Independent Contractors

A budget friendly option, but with a high risk for unreliable work and miscommunication.

Affordable Home Renovation & ADU Contractors in US

Eano Renovation

We provide an affordable, transparent, and integrated solution that doesn’t sacrifice quality craftsmanship.

Affordable Home Renovation & ADU Contractors in US

Traditional Firms

An all-inclusive option, but often restrictively expensive and still reliant on dated technology and processes.


Affordable Home Renovation & ADU Contractors in US


Affordable Home Renovation & ADU Contractors in US


Affordable Home Renovation & ADU Contractors in US


Your All-in-One Project Management Tool

The Eano App seamlessly integrates everything you need to keep track of your project from the palm of your hand. See what it can do.

Affordable Home Renovation & ADU Contractors in US

Send a message to your entire project team instantly.

Track progress with timely construction updates and payment milestones.

Manage your checklist of custom finishing materials so they’re ready to install.

View local furnishing stores in 3D before you visit.

Our Team of Trusted Professionals

Decades of Experience

Our service professionals are carefully vetted and have, on average, over 10 years of experience building in your local community.

Fully Licensed and Insured

Every Eano service professional is licensed and receives additional training at our expense. Plus, every project is fully insured for added peace of mind.

We Value Your Satisfaction

To ensure our team is delivering the highest quality work, we offer higher commissions based on your level of satisfaction.

Finance Your Project

Eano has partnered with reputable lenders to offer our clients competitive financing services.

Established, reputable lenders in the US.

Innovative 0% interest loans based on home equity.

Several financing options that fit your budget and needs.

Repay your loan at any time with no penalty.

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