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Flooring: $3 - $5 / sqft
ADU: $200 - $350 / sqft
Bathroom / Kitchen: $12,000 - $30,000
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Flooring: 1 week
Bathroom / Kitchen: 2 - 3 months
ADU: 4 - 5 months
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Don't know how to pick your renovation style or materials? We’ve partnered with the industry’s top architects and contractors to create remodeling packages specifically for your needs.
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What responsibilities will you handle and which will Eano handle?
Eano responsibilities: We will handle the labor, rough materials, debris removal. Our PM @Michael will provide you a material package, so you don't need to find out what you need and struggle with different specs at the same time.
If you want to pick other materials, you can coordinate with our PM and order the right size.
HOMEOWNER responsibilities: needs to purchase all the finishing materials and our project manager will help you to verify the usability before purchasing it.
What’s our strategy for bringing a project of this size in on time and on a budget? What unexpected solutions have you suggested on a previous project?
Most of the mistake happens:
1. When the materials are the wrong size (back and forth ship and delivery time)
2. Missing some purchase materials and homeowners rush to buy it during the construction.
3. Installation detail miscommunication ( ex: an electric toilet cover vs a normal toilet)
4. Construction imperfection and need to redo.
To prevent these problems, we will go through all the material list with you and verify all the details with you as much as possible BEFORE we start the work. By doing all the preparation work right, this will save you on avg 30% of the entire construction time and budget.
Can we meet every week on-site?
The contractor will be onsite. For small details or change orders, you will leave a note in the chat group or a spreadsheet or speak with our contractor directly on the site. This is the most efficient way to handle the problem.
If the problem doesn’t get resolved, Michael will follow up with the contractors. Our PM can meet on the site every week in person, but we do charge an additional $1500 or 3% (whichever is higher) for the premium service.
How do we handle conflict if that happens?
From our past experience, it will always be some small things come up here and there. we can't promise during the construction it will always be a 100% pleasant experience. However, you have our project manager to communicate with you and handle all the unexpected things.
The price we gave you is corresponding to the work scope details that you and the contractor/Sales discussed in person. We will try our best to put everything in the contract and make sure it’s trackable for you and us. However, things might slip out the contract but if it's not against common sense, we will cover them at no cost.
1. For example Window installation. Even though Window Screen installation hasn't been written into the contract. If the owner decides to install a window with us, then installing a window screen should be a default at no charge.
2. For example Bathroom remodel. Our contractor and the homeowner are not aware of the water damages. Our construction team open the wall and found out all rotten wood underneath. Homeowner wants to replace all the wood and depends on the condition, if the work will take more than a few hours to fix it, we will start charging based on each condition. Eano promises that the price is always going to match with the market rate.
What if I decided to cancel one part of the project? Or change my idea?
If the homeowner would like the option to reduce the scope of work if deemed necessary. Upon 2 weeks written notice, if the entire project hasn’t started, says the entire bathroom or guest bathroom hasn’t been touched and the homeowner doesn’t want to do that bathroom. Then we will reduce the entire bit for that bathroom.
If our construction team has already started the project, the homeowner decides not to add a van. a partial project in the bathroom, then we won’t deduct the labor price for that van installation.
I want to claim that we are not a traditional contractor company. We are a young startup that's trying to build a reputable brand that provides an all-inclusive and secure solution for our users.
If you have more questions, please feel free to send them over to More common questions will be added to the list which also benefit other homeowners too.
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