Welcome to Eano

I’m Stella Wu,
the Founder and CEO.

My Life Story

The reason why I founded Eano

As a young girl whose parents worked in construction, I grew up around builders. I spent my summers playing at construction sites and watching mixer trucks pour concrete — not the childhood that most people consider “typical”, especially for girls! But I loved it, and wanted to spend time with my parents.

Most of the time, my parents left for work before I woke up and got back after I fell asleep. When customers called, my parents would leave to meet with them, no matter the time. I admired their compassion and incredible work ethic; it’s a huge part of what inspired me to start Eano.

As a young girl whose parents worked in construction, I grew up around builders.

The other major inspiration happened when I bought my own house in 2017. I heard people talking about California ADUs and after doing some research, found it’s a great way to earn passive income.

I ran into many issues while managing my own project - it was very a painful process. Everything in the residential renovation space has remained the same for a long long time.

I ran into many issues while managing my own project.

What I didn’t realize was that I had embarked on a nightmare:
  • I struggled to find trustworthy referrals at a reasonable price.
  • Timeline was never provided and quotes were all over the place: from $40k to over $100k.
  • My architect and contractor often ignored my calls. I had to send over 150 emails to get my own permit approved.
  • It took nearly 350 days to get my permit done, delaying the project by over 2 months.
  • My contractor did not communicate with me well, costing me over $1,000 on wrong materials.
  • And worst, I learned that my contractor was not at all reliable until it was too late.

I ended up wasting over $1,000 on wrong materials.

I sent 150 emails and many Bay Area remodeling companies didn’t pick up my calls.

I hated the process and wanted to save other people from the nightmare I went through. So I decided to build a one-stop solution that would streamline remodeling (and save homeowners money).

At first, I was simply helping my friends with their ADUs or bathroom remodels. Eventually I got more and more requests and Eano took off from there.

We have helped many customers remodel their homes with our unique processes and software.

Easy, affordable renovations

That’s what Eano is all about.

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