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While Austin's economic focus was (and still is) on government and education, the capital of Texas has also developed into a center for technology and finance. With Austin's rapidly growing economy, the demand for housing and home renovations is also increasing. Learn how Eano's bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling, and ADU build pricing compares to our competitors in Austin.

Estimated Remodeling Costs in Austin

Plans & Permitting


Average Build Time

Project Management

Interior Construction

Interior Finishing Materials

Estimated Total


Starts at $8,000


Average 3-5 Months

Eano App

Starts at $54/sqft

Starts at $40/sqft

Starts at $190,000

$43,400 Saved


Starts at $12,000


Average 4-6 Months

Starts at $3,000

Starts at $65/sqft

Starts at $48/sqft

Starts at $233,400

*Estimates are based on a one-story 500 sq.ft. ADU project on a flat plot of feasible land. Construction is the building of a closed envelope. Interior construction is the labor to install flooring, kitchen, bathroom and paint. Interior finishing materials is for the materials for the flooring, kitchen, bathroom and paint. Trenching and bringing the utilities to the ADU are excluded and will be quoted separately, as the price can significantly vary from project to project.

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Linus L

We chose Eano not only for their competitive quote but also that they took care of selecting all finishing materials to save us a lot of time and energy. I would definitely recommend Eano.

Project Details

Construction Cost
Build Time
2 Weeks
Project Detail
Bathroom Remodel

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