What Responsibilities Will You Handle And Which Will Eano Handle?



|Last Updated: 10 Sep 2020

When availing one of Eano Home Renovation's services, it is advisable to know up to what extent our packages could cover.

Part of the services Eano offers are:

  • Handling of the permit
  • Labor
  • Rough materials
  • Debris removal


Our Project Manager, Michael, will provide you a wide array of material packages so you can be fully guided when you’re struggling with the different specifications of your needed materials. If you want to pick other materials aside from the ones we've provided, simply coordinate with our PM and order your preferred options and sizes.

Part of your responsibilities as a homeowner:

You need to purchase all the finishing materials (our project manager will help verify the usability of the materials to guide you before purchasing it). After your purchase, you can send the pick-up orders to our PM and our contractors will pick it up for you.



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