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How Do We Handle Conflict If That Happens?



|Last Updated: 26 Jul 2022

Not all construction projects are perfect. We may encounter mishaps, issues, problems and even conflicts along the way.

From our past experiences, there will always be some small things that may come up here and there. There can be times you won’t be having a 100% pleasant experience. However, you have our project manager to communicate with you and handle things in case something unexpected happens.
The price we have quoted corresponds to the scope of work scope you and the contractor/sales team has discussed in person. We will do our best to put everything in the contract and document every progress to make sure it’s trackable. However, things might slip out of the contract but if it's of good judgment, we will cover them at no cost.  

Here are some sample instances:

Window installation - Even if window screen installation hasn't been written into the contract, if the owner decides to install a window with us, then placing a window screen should be a default at no charge.  
Bathroom remodel - This scenario is applicable if our contractor and the homeowner were not aware of the water damages (in case our construction team opened the wall and found out all rotten wood underneath). If the homeowner wants to replace all the wood we may do so (depends on the condition), however, if the work would take more than a few hours to fix, we will start charging fees based on each condition. Eano promises to stick to the price that matches the market rate.


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