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What If I Decided To Cancel One Part Of The Project? Or Change My Idea?



|Last Updated: 26 Jul 2022

Part of our back-up plans is to anticipate our clients' alteration requests. We will try everything we can to remain fair and discern what's best for both parties.

If the homeowner would like the option to reduce the scope of work (if deemed necessary), we advise you to notify us 2 weeks ahead of time. A written note would suffice and this would be completely acceptable if the entire project hasn’t started yet. Let’s say the entire bathroom or guest bathroom hasn’t been touched and the homeowner doesn’t want to do that bathroom. Then we will reduce the entire bit for that bathroom. 

If our construction team has already started the project and the homeowner decides not to add a van, a partial project in the bathroom, then we won’t deduct the labor price for that van installation. 

It is also good to take note of these:

During the construction: 

For small installation details or change of orders, you can directly inform the contractor on-site (or leave a note in the group chat). In case no contactor is present, your project manager would be your next point of contact. He will help you with materials management and other urgent matters, he’ll also be the one to follow-up with the contractors.

Before the construction: 

Our architect will help you design and take care of the permit. Your project manager is your point of contact - he/she will help you with the material preparation. Meanwhile, any contract related problem, feel free to contact Stella

If you have more questions, please feel free to send them over to More queries will be added to this list to help more homeowners about any concerns or questions they still have in mind.


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