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ADU 101: Ultimate Guide In Building Your ADU



|Last Updated: 26 Jul 2022

Your ultimate ADU guide is here to make your ADU projects, investment, and buying decisions easier and faster.

For most property owners, building an ADU is not something you decide on overnight. It's a carefully weighed decision that requires the right resources and useful facts to come up with a feasible course of action. If you have been meaning to have an additional living space or create a new stream of passive income for your household (through ADU rental), then this is the ultimate guide for you. You may have a lot of things to ask before kickstarting your ADU project so feel free to have a browse through our list of ADU-related articles that will walk you through each of those queries.



 ADU Investment and Financing:

One of the most significant benefits of building an ADU is its promising rate of return on investment (ROI). Also, before even kickstarting your ADU project, you'll definitely search out all the possible ways to finance your ADU and start your ADU journey. The articles below will provide you an overview of all things finance and investment. 


San Francisco ADU is a great investment and an affordable choice for Bay Area homeowners who are keen to create a new stream of revenue.


ADU investment is an affordable option for LA-based homeowners who are seeking to earn sustainable profit over time.


San Jose housing data reveals a huge spike in ADU investment due to the recent zoning local code updates.


Wanting to build your Los Angeles ADU but don't know how to finance it, here are some useful financing tips you could use.


With our recent webinar with Noah, Eano Home Renovation has listed a few takeaways from the said event.


Since most of our clients don't have the ability to pay cash for their unit, financing is a great way to get an ADU that you want at the right price.


Have you ever thought that ADU can be of great help even if we are currently facing a global crisis?



ADU Cost and Estimations:

You may have found your preferred design, your potential contractors, and already got your permits approved but are you ready to incur the needed expenses and anticipated costs of your ADU? If yes then here are some tips that will help you rightly allocate your hard-earned money to your ADU project and make every bit of it worth spending.


What are the different things to look into when allocating a budget for your ADU?


Converted ADUs have become a popular choice for property owners in Los Angeles, here are the things you need to know about its costs.


Here are three foolproof ways to come up with a more feasible and realistic cost of ADU projects.


With the booming ADU market in San Jose, have you ever wondered how much would it be to build one of your own?



ADU Rentals:

Now that you've finally kicked off your ADU project, you can now focus more on your ADU goal—self-living or rental unit. If you're leaning more towards creating a passive income out of your ADU then these articles are the rights ones for you.


ADU is a long-term investment, it can be a profitable asset if its financial and legal prerequisites have been well taken care of.


Let's tackle some of the most common rental scenarios for single-family properties that have ADUs.


Should you rent out your accessory dwelling units for short-term or long-term?



Building Your ADU:


Here's a quick breakdown of factors why now is the perfect time for your converted garage ADU.


These are some of the dilemmas our customers have as they start thinking about their ADU project.


In recent years, the city has employed new programs to promote accessory dwelling units or ADUs.


Have you wondered how will the process be when building or having an ADU in your lot?


Whether you’re aiming for a good return on investment or simply meaning to add extra living space, a garage conversion is one innovative way to adorn your home.


What do you think of using a prefab or modular home as ADU? Do you just pop into the yard and place it there?



ADU Permits, Plans, and Codes:


As we enter 2021, there have been new ADU law changes for both single-family and multi-family properties.


We have got some new laws in September of 2020 from the Department of Housing.


What better way to increase your home's worth than building an ADU that'll provide continuous revenues and better aesthetics.



ADU Queries:


Let's go over some of the most frequently asked questions regarding ADU construction, rentals, costs, and building codes.


Apart from it resolving the ongoing housing crisis, ADUs offer so much value to homeowners, renters, and the community altogether.


If you are considering building a JADU, here is some information that you need to keep in mind.

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