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ADU Financing & ROI: What Have We Learned So Far?



|Last Updated: 26 Jul 2022

Eano Home Renovation’s recent ADU Financing & ROI webinar with Noah has been an enlightening talk that’ll pique every homeowner’s interest.

We made sure to list down a few enlightening notes that would be useful for homeowners who are also keen investors at the same time. Here’s our list of key takeaways we’ve noted from the successful event:


  • Benefits of Building an ADU

Here are a few snapshots of Eano Home Renovation completed projects.

Aside from expanding your primary dwelling by adding extra space, Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) increase your property’s value by up to 30%. It instantly curbs your house’s appeal and easily creates a multifunctional space that is great for self-living and rental property homeowners. It is an asset-building strategy that makes up a new avenue of passive income without the need to break the bank. With ADUs creating a new financial opportunity, you can now cut your mortgage payments and save more from your ADU investment.


  • ADU Financing and ROI

Eano Home Renovation's ADU plan workflow.

We wouldn’t be digging deeper into the exact calculations but ADUs, in short, is a great investment. If you happen to build your ADU with Eano Home Renovation, you wouldn’t be spending much of your money as we have our plans pre-approved, we have trusted store partners who offer affordable pricing and we take care of the rest of the construction work which would usually take up 4 to 7 months. During the webinar, a sample breakdown of an average rent (ADU) per square footage has been shown and you could just imagine the high returns you can get just by building one.


  • How Eano and Noah work together

Have ever thought about having an ADU but worrying about how to fund it in the first place? This is where the Eano x Noah partnership comes in. For a quick background, Noah is a financing company that strongly believes that “homeownership is a journey”. They have entered the industry with the sole purpose of helping homeowners who would want to achieve their dream without compromising other important things—cutting off the hassle and uncertainty. With these two companies working together, you can easily kick-off your ADU plan with Noah funding your project and Eano Home Renovation doing the easy and affordable construction work. In the webinar, a sample scenario has been included which elaborates on how Eano and Noah can help a potential client who would want to start building their ADU.

Though we’ve only mentioned a handful of takeaways, you can watch the full ‘ADU Financing and ROI’ webinar on our official YouTube channel. You could also drop by Noah’s website to learn more about their services and send a few queries about how they do their work. If you think you’re all set to build your ADU, remember that Eano Home Renovation offers a wide array of easy and affordable remodeling packages that would suit every homeowner’s needs. Happen to have further questions? Feel free to leave us a message or try your free renovation quote on our Eano website.

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