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Bathroom 101: Ultimate Material And Buying Guide



|Last Updated: 26 Jul 2022

Here's Eano Home Renovation's extensive rundown of all things bathroom—materials, costs, designs, styles, types, prices, and more.

If you've been wondering where to start or what things to consider before kicking off your bathroom upgrade then this guide is for you. Eano Home Renovation has rounded up a list of bathroom-related articles that would help you weigh your options when it comes to choosing the materials for your space. We also have articles that show all the trending styles and designs you can use for your next bathroom remodel.


Bathroom Material Buying Guide:


Choosing the right bathroom vanity is as exhausting as choosing the bathroom style. Though it may not be the easiest decision to make, it’s one of the most important.


A shower is considered to be an accessory that complements the entire look of our bathroom.


Bathroom sink, lavatory, washbasin—whatever you call it—is an integral part of your bathroom. It comes in various sizes, styles, materials, and designs.


Know the various elements you should look for when buying one of the essential fixtures of your bathroom—the toilet.


When choosing a bathroom faucet, it is always wise to explore all your options before purchasing.


Home upgrades may look and sound good at first but once you go out and see actual prices of your favorite brands, you might need a second look.



Bathroom Design & Style:


The toilet is one of the most essential fixtures in every household.


Whether you’re upgrading your bathroom or building it from scratch, always go for a design that perfectly reflects your taste.

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