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How To Choose A Toilet?



|Last Updated: 08 Apr 2024

Know the various elements you should look for when buying one of the essential fixtures of your bathroom—the toilet.

Buying the right toilet has long been a crucial part of upgrading your bathrooms. It is considered on the bath fixtures you need to carefully select as it should last (almost) a lifetime. For you to easily choose the most suitable toilet, here's a quick guide you can use. In this article, we will discuss every detail of the things you should look out for when buying a toilet—installation, shape, flushing system, and accessories.

Dimensional Measurements

Before shopping for your new toilet, you first must determine the "rough-in" measurements of your bathroom. This is the distance from the wall behind the toilet to the middle of the waste or drain line. These measurements will determine how big your new toilet needs to be. Using a tape measure or straight edge, get the number of inches from the wall to the center of the drain line. If you are replacing an old toilet, measure the space from the wall to the center of the nearest bolt that holds the toilet to the floor. Bathroom rough-in sizes usually range from 10 to 14 inches but the most common size in every household is 12 inches. You should also pay attention to the cabinets, drawers, or shower doors in your bathroom. When measuring your bathroom, take note of how far the door or drawer extends when it opens to make sure your toilet doesn't get in the way of these items.


Toilet Models

  • One-piece Toilet

One-piece toilets are designed with a toilet tank and toilet bowl connected as one unit. These toilets feature a sleek, seamless look that eliminates the hassle of installing a tank. This type of toilet model offers a modern and unique aesthetic feature.


  • Split Toilet

A split toilet comes with separate tanks and bases. Because their tanks and bases are fired separately, they do not waste firing space and can achieve a molding rate of over 90%, making them relatively inexpensive.


  • In-wall (Wall-mounted) Toilet


This popular suspended toilet design is the most eccentric toilet type you'll see in the market. Because of its subtle and minimized look (its tank shadow hidden in the wall), this toilet reduces the unnecessary flushing noise. If ever you'll choose to have this in your bathroom, allot a bit amount of budget as it has a high-standard installation requirement and can be a bit too pricey.


Toilet Shape


Another aspect you need to consider when choosing a toilet is the height and style of the bowl. Flush toilets typically range from 14 inches to 17 inches in height (measured without the height of the toilet seat), and any toilet over 16-1/8 inches must meet the requirements of the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act). A higher toilet height is also more comfortable for the taller members of your family and more convenient to use most especially for the elderly and people with injuries and illnesses. Flush toilets also come in two shapes, round or long (oval).


  • Round Toilets

Round toilets feature a compact structure, extending from the wall to the toilet at a distance of typically 28 inches. The smaller size allows them to fit into tight spaces and is more friendly to families with small children. They are also less expensive than slim flush toilets.


  • Oval Toilets

With oval toilets, the extension from the wall to the toilet is typically 30 inches. The extended length will make it more comfortable, but it will take up more space.


Flushing Capacity

Since your toilet will be flushed several times a day, it can use a lot of water. Most toilets flush at 1.6 gallons per flush (GPF) to meet state standards. A high-efficiency toilet uses only 1.28 GPF or less, allowing you to conserve water and save even more money. Dual flush toilets are another way to save money on your water bill. Dual flush toilets offer two different flush volumes. Solids use a higher flush volume (usually 1.6 GPF) and liquids use a lower flush volume (usually 0.8 GPF).


Flushing Methods

  • Gravity Siphon

Most toilets use a gravity siphon flushing system. This means that the water in the flush toilet creates pressure that forces water from the tank into the flush toilet and then down through the drain line. This makes them easy to maintain and the flushing sound is relatively low.


  • Pressure-Assisted

Pressure-assisted toilets use pressurized air to move water into the tank as it flushes. The extra pressure provides a more powerful flush, making doublers less likely and cleaning the toilet more thoroughly. These toilets also use less water than gravity siphon toilets and are typically used for commercial purposes.


Toilet Seat Lids (Rings)


Many toilets come with a toilet seat, but if you must purchase a toilet seat separately, or want a different toilet seat, follow these simple tips:

  • Pay attention to the shape of the toilet bowl. You will need to find a seat that matches the shape of the toilet. A slender toilet seat will not fit a round toilet and vice versa.
  • Toilet lids are available in a variety of materials, styles, and colors. You need to find one that matches the style of your bathroom. Some toilets also come with foam pads for added comfort.
  • Consider a soft-close toilet seat with a silent, slow-lowering lid. These toilet seats close more slowly than regular toilet seats, so they don't make as much noise when you open and close them.



After you've purchased and installed your toilet, these accessories can make your toilet more comfortable to do.


  • Smart Toilet Covers (Bidets)

Bidets are used for personal cleaning and can be installed as fixtures or attached to the toilet. (Click here for smart toilet options and installation)


  • Decorative Tank Levers

Small accessories can give your bathroom a polished look by replacing the original levers with levers that match other fixtures in your bathrooms such as towel bars, faucets, and decorative shelves.


  • Toilet safety accessories

Such as grab bars and elongated toilet seats make it easier and more comfortable for people with limited mobility to use the toilet safely.

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