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2022 Buying Guide: Bathroom Style



|Last Updated: 26 Jul 2022

Whether you’re upgrading your bathroom or building it from scratch, always go for a design that perfectly reflects your taste.

Choosing from a wide array of San Francisco bathroom styles can be time-consuming. It’s a daunting activity that’ll require your keen eye for details and a little bit of knowledge when it comes to knowing your space and preferred materials. Luckily, a lot of construction companies post a catalog of styles on their website. You can easily browse through their list of choices depending on your budget, your bathroom type, and your preference. To help you make up your mind, Eano has rounded up a list of styles should you go for. So here are 5 of the most favorite San Francisco bathroom styles so far.



Bathroom Styles


1. Eclectic

It’s a little bit of everything, all rolled into one! Homeowners who would go for this style are free to layout the elements. You can create your color combos and go bold with textures and arrangements. Adorn your San Francisco bathroom however you want it, make use of your existing pieces of furniture, and set them up altogether. This one’s perfect for unique and daring homeowners who would stun every guest with peculiarity.

Image by Lizzie Benton via Flickr

2. Modern

Unrestrained by any flaws, modern bathroom styles are sleek and altogether classy and neat. Straight horizontal lines are apparent and are mostly seen in washbasins, countertops, and walls. Its streamlined architecture is so bold you can focus on the tiniest detail of your bathroom. Some of the frequently used materials for this style are porcelain, marble, stone, and teak (with a hint of succulents and other popping colors at times).


3. Transitional

It is where traditional meets contemporary. A good combination of warmth and subtlety with bathroom elements resonating soft and safe vibes. This style is often decked with some of these features: subway tiles, glass shower enclosures, undermount sinks, free-standing tubs, comfort-height toilets, and other unconventional decors. 


4. Contemporary

This bathroom style is nothing short of stunning. Decked with low-key decors, this design embraces trends and state-of-the-art technology, shying away from heavy ornaments but rather keeping the embellishments at a minimum. Some of the key features of this style include slim-profile mirrors, minimalist faucets, with neutral color palette, modern shapes, and a tailored appearance. It’s like you’re bringing your favorite spa to your home and customizing based on your on-the-moment preferences. You may also want to take note of the amazing visual contrast and vague texture combinations at times, but it’s mostly a clean and posh ambiance.


5. Traditional

Apart from the eye-catching vintage ornaments, this San Francisco bathroom style speaks a classic vibe. Accentuated tile textures, finely-detailed decorations, polished wood, marble, and an abundance of glass, tile, and other designs that have Victorian roots. Even if it resonates with an old-fashion atmosphere, traditional bathrooms always use high-end materials. It features antique-style lighting, furniture-like vanities, a built-in dressing table, classic wall treatment, and stone counters and floors. When it comes to its color palette, bathrooms like these are often painted with warm and inviting shades—subtle neutrals, toned down colors of green and blue, earth colors, gray, blue, and deeper shades of brown.


*All images used are from the internet.



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