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"Eano offers competitive and transparent pricing so that homeowners aren’t surprised as a remodeling project goes on"
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“This has been an amazing experience with a company that is trying to redefine the way remodeling should be.”

—Max D

Your All-in-One Project Management Tool

The Eano App seamlessly integrates everything you need to keep track of your project from the palm of your hand. See what it can do.

Affordable Home Renovation & ADU Contractors in US

Send a message to your entire project team instantly.

Track progress with timely construction updates and payment milestones.

Manage your checklist of custom finishing materials so they’re ready to install.

Our Team of Trusted Professionals

Decades of Experience

Our service professionals are carefully vetted and have, on average, over 10 years of experience building in your local community.

Fully Licensed and Insured

Every Eano service professional is licensed and receives additional training at our expense. Plus, every project is fully insured for added peace of mind.

We Value Your Satisfaction

To ensure our team is delivering the highest quality work, we offer higher commissions based on your level of satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Eano operate?

We currently operate in the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Seattle, Houston, the New York City metro area, Boston, and Hawaii—and we’re continuing to grow! For your projects outside of our current coverage zones, please reach out to an Eano project planner and we will let you know when we expect to be in your area.

What services does Eano offer?

We provide homeowners with an all-inclusive custom design and build solution, including architectural design, kitchen and bathroom remodeling, ADUs, framing, flooring, painting and more. Moreover, we can handle a wide variety of custom projects that suit your needs.

How does Eano offer competitive pricing while working on a shorter construction timeline?

There are a few reasons we are able to offer more competitive pricing and faster service:
  • Eano handles almost everything in-house. We have an in-house architect, designer, and project management team. And we have established relationships with trusted, vetted local contractors who have track records of reliability and responsiveness.
  • Our tech-enabled platform provides transparency around pricing from the onset, and our project management tool enables you to collaborate and communicate efficiently with our team, saving time and money.
  • We have established relationships with many of the local vendors in the area, which allows us to source and buy construction materials at the lowest possible cost.

Do you offer a warranty?

Yes! All finished work comes with a 1-year warranty.