Prefab Homes,
Tailored to Your Lifestyle
Discover the Quickest and Most Budget-Friendly Route to Your New ADU Lifestyle.
Why Choose Eano Prefab Houses?
Save Money
Prefab homes are cost-effective, thanks to centralized construction and efficient panelized systems, reducing waste and on-site issues.
Move In Faster
Prefab homes, constructed indoors, are usually completed much faster than traditional site-built homes.
Skilled Trades
Prefab homes are factory-built for faster construction than traditional on-site methods.
Top Quality
Because prefab homes are built in a factory, they aren’t exposed to the elements and are not compromised by changes in weather (ex. less warping and twisting).

The Best Affordable Renovation Experience

Get Construction Estimate
Get a detailed online estimate in less than 2 minutes
Choose Your Design
Select from one of our curated Design Packages, then customize items to fit your unique style.
Get Bids From Professionals
Vetted and licensed contractors who have done similar projects as yours will be matched and submit bids for you to review.
Meet Contractors
Receive Quotes
Chat & Select a bid
Manage Your Project with The Eano APP
You can manage your construction team's progress at every step with the Eano App.
Measurement for Materials
Site Preparation
Drywall nailing
Final Punch list
Project complete!
You approve the work at each phase of your project to ensure everything is up to your standards.
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Renovation Tools and Services You Can Trust

Without Eano
With Eano
Risk of working with unlicensed, uninsured contractors
Vetted and bonded contractor network
Projects may go unfinished
Job completion guarantee
No simple project management and communications tool
Seamless project management and communications with the Eano App
Requires hours of selecting and purchasing materials
Upgrade to a curated Design Package for easy procurement and big cost savings
Often only accepts cash or direct deposit
Modern payment platform that accepts all forms of payment, including credit cards

Finance Your Project

Eano has partnered with reputable lenders to offer our clients competitive financing services.
Innovative 0% interest loans based on home equity.
Established, reputable lenders in the US.
Several financing options that fit your budget and needs.
Repay your loan at any time with no penalty.