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Why Should You Use The Eano App?



|Last Updated: 26 Jul 2022

Would you like to know how Eano Home Renovation keeps the construction workflow smooth and easy? Read further for more details!

Eano Home Renovation has well anticipated the emerging needs of its clients and to exactly address this demand, a renovation companion called the “Eano” app has been launched. This app streamlines the entire remodeling process and commits to full transparency and promises to deliver on-time and on-budget results. If you’re wondering why there’s a need to use this app, then here are the three main reasons why you should start utilizing it.


  • You can closely monitor EVERYTHING

It’s an all-in-one pack! With the Eano app, you’ll have full access to your project design, materials, work scope, and budget. It’s a self-managed renovation hub where you get to choose from a wide array of packages, materials and you’d even have the liberty to include additional work along the way. Also, you can DIY your materials or choose from our variety of trusted material store partners for a smoother transaction. This leads us to our next point...


  • You’ll receive real-time updates

This key feature only proves that the Eano app is seriously committed to providing full transparency. You can easily check where your project is currently at, see the upcoming phases it’ll go through, and in case you have any questions, you can simply flick a message to your project manager or leave a note.


  • You can get exclusive content

As you wait out for your project to finish, you can have a browse through our various live streams which talk about renovation-related topics. You can also view our latest and previous webinars where we discussed further subjects, tips, and tricks, and other top-tier professional content with regards to upgrading your homes.


As of the moment, Eano Home Renovation’s mobile app is only available in the App Store. In case you still have more questions in mind, feel free to drop by our website and go over our FAQs to see other details. For other concerns, you can just send us a quick message to and we’ll get back to you at the soonest time possible. If you have been meaning to remodel or simply touch up your homes, start your free consultation with us and book your appointment today!


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