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What Bathroom Shower Is Suitable For You?



|Last Updated: 26 Jul 2022

A shower is considered to be an accessory that complements the entire look of our bathroom.

We may not notice it but we do have our preferences when it comes to choosing the perfect shower. Since it’s already a part of our daily routine, we’d like it to be suitable for our present needs. There are some of the factors we consider when we purchase showerheads and these are installation costs, shower layout, shower door, and many others. To help you shop for your next bathroom shower, here's a quick guide you can use on your next shopping trip.


Showerhead Types


Fixed (Fixed Mount)

This what we mostly see in traditional bathroom styles. A showerhead mounted to the wall, fastened by little screws, and comes with different diameters and spray patterns. 


  • Can easily make your bathroom look stylish especially with the new models available in the market
  • Gives you a solid water stream and pressure
  • Lasts longer than any other shower types



  • Can’t easily adjust its height and it wouldn’t suit the needs of all the family members
  • People who are physically challenged might have trouble rinsing off a particular part of their body
  • A bit pricey compared to the handheld ones


Body Spray (Shower panel or shower system)

It’s like bringing your favorite spa to your home! This is a luxurious option for homeowners who would like to have innovative bathroom remodels. This comes with two types of shower: a shower panel where you can mix it with an existing shower and a shower system which is a whole new arrangement that requires major refurbishment.


Shower Panel


  • It’s water-efficient since it would release an ample amount of water flow and often comes with single-head shower types
  • Easily installed and can be incorporated into any size of bathroom remodel
  • Affordable and can be easily maintained 



  • With its small-scale water flow, shower coverage may be limited 
  • It can be a bit bulky (if you would go for the cheapest models) and it could be much costly (if you would want to install the latest designs)


Shower System


  • Offers total body coverage because of its 360-degree shower spray
  • Maximum flow of water and it could be just like you’re in a spa
  • Creates a luxurious bathroom vibe because of its customizable setup



  • Exorbitant costs from the installation to the maintenance and labor fees
  • It’ll require total refurbishment of your bathroom
  • Might hurt your pockets in the long-run because of the huge amount of water it consumes



Handheld Shower

Offers a versatile option for multi-family homeowners. It usually comes with a showerhead connected to a detachable metal hose and is mounted to a shower holder. This type of shower is ideal for family use. All the members of the family (and even furbabies) can bathe with ease and much convenience.


  • You can easily control where the water goes and is mounted or dismounted anytime
  • It can be used as a good cleaning tool too
  • All members of the household can use it



  • Might be replaced frequently since it isn’t as durable as the fixed mounted ones
  • Can be twisted if pulled out excessively and some parts of it may lose the thread or be misaligned over time.



Dual/Multi Showerhead

A combination of a fixed mounted shower and a handheld shower. A dual-purpose shower would be a great choice if you cannot choose between the two showerhead types.


  • You can have the best of both worlds if you install this type of showerhead
  • The other shower can also serve as a back up in case one of the two is broken
  • Could curb your bathroom’s appeal in an instant


  • Consumes a huge amount of water flow because of its double (or triple)  shower nozzles
  • Might need to upgrade your water pipes since you need to source a lot of water



Rain Showerhead

A stylish design that usually comes in a wide and flat showerhead, built overhead to create a rain-like water flow. 

Image by PickComfort via Flickr


  • Easily installed and can come in a wide variety of designs and styles
  • Upgrades your bathroom into a sophisticated ambient vibe 


  • When it comes to water usage, it would only be at a minimum but once you’ve lost track of time because of its rainfall experience, you may spend more time bathing than the usual
  • Can be a bit costly if you would go for the modern and unique showerhead designs



Shower Layouts

As showerheads come in a wide array of variations, the same thing goes with the shower room itself. It is vital to also consider what type of shower layout to install as it should perfectly complement your showerhead option. 


Shower Door Types

Not all shower rooms are created equal. Some may need to be installed with doors, curtains, stationary panels while others don't need any. The majority of homeowners would prefer having one though a huge difference in prices would be apparent. Because it'll still depend on the design and shower type - whether it's a prefab or a custom-built shower door.


Shower Installation and Labor Costs

The usual installation and labor cost of a shower stall is ranging between $300 to $500. It'll be much expensive if it's a custom-built shower which can cost from up to $2000 (labor cost) and could take two to three days to finish.


Other Additional Costs

  • Electric shower and steam shower options can incur extra labor cost as the need to hire an electrician is required: $65 - $85/hour


  • For shower replacement (with mold and water damage from the previous shower) other costs may range from $500 to $2,700 or higher


  • If you're looking to obtain a spa-style shower, expect some incremental costs. Shower steam can cost up to $1,000 and an additional $2,000 to entirely enclose the space. You may also want to consider adding a performance shower with multiple body sprays, materials for this style can cost up to $2,000.

Whatever choice you make, we’re sure you’ll end up choosing the perfect shower type for you. If you’re planning to have a bathroom remodel and want to install any of these showerheads, layouts, or shower doors leave us a message and we’ll round up a more intensive list of bathroom materials to provide you with top-tier choices.


*All images used are from the internet.


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