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Tub To Shower Transformation: Small Bathroom Renovation



|Last Updated: 11 Mar 2024

In the United States, many bathroom renovations involve converting traditional tubs ? into walk-in showers

Tub to shower? This shift is driven by changes in usage habits, evolving trends, and the higher cost of tub-to-tub replacement, making walk-in showers a more popular choice. In this particular 80sqft bathroom transformation, the tub is being replaced with a walk-in shower. What tasks are involved in this process?


?1. The first step involves relocating the plumbing due to changes in the water supply and drainage positions. When transitioning from a tub to a shower, a complete demolition is inevitable, especially when incorporating glass partitions. Wall reinforcement is necessary to support the added weight.


?2. The toilet's position has also changed, requiring adjustments to the plumbing.

?3. The main feature of a walk-in shower is the separation of wet and dry areas. Waterproofing and installation of cement boards are essential in wet areas, while dry areas are fitted with floor tiles.

⏳4. The remaining steps follow standard bathroom renovation procedures. The Eano Minnesota bathroom material package was used for the entire project, maintaining the original layout with minimal changes aside from plumbing adjustments. Therefore, the overall project time was relatively short.

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? For rental purposes, time is money. Every homeowner desires a fast and aesthetically pleasing renovation. Choosing Eano ensures an end-to-end solution from obtaining permits to construction. The material package can be customized based on the layout or specific needs. The work scope, determined through expert consultations and discussions with general contractors, is fully understood before providing a quote. With the newly introduced counterbid feature, contractors can bid on your project according to your budget before the official contract confirmation, ensuring transparency and eliminating hidden costs. Trust Eano to make your renovation journey both cost-effective and stress-free.


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