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DIY Guide To Repair Roof Holes And Gaps



|Last Updated: 26 Dec 2023

Save you time and money! DIY roof bug repair tutorial online!

DIY Guide To Repair Roof Holes And Gaps


There is a soaring sense of responsibility after owning a house, especially the housing problem that is inspected by the inspector before the house is handed over.It may lead to mildew due to water leakage, so it is not delayed, and it can't wait to scheduling it .


Our house has a satellite TV ? signal tower, and there are holes in the installation area. When it rains, it's prone to leaks, leading to dampness and mold on the walls. On the side of the house, there's a board that has disconnected, leaving a large gap. This makes it easy for animals to nest inside, causing more significant damage. The inspector mentioned at the time that these two issues needed to be addressed as soon as possible.

unreasonable satellite TV towers

Unreasonable satellite TV towers


The gap caused by the plate disconnection

The gap caused by the plate disconnection


Dad carefully studied the repair of these two problems and found it not difficult. It's quite simple, and the tools used are common.

Stairs were needed for both repairs, and we purchased them on They are flexible, anti-slip, stable, and have a good load-bearing capacity.

We bought it from Amazon. It can bend and stretch, has good anti-slip effect, is very stable, and can bear weight well.

Amazon stairs


Repair of holes in the top of the house


⚙️ First of all, find the loopholes, some unreasonable installation need to be removed,or because of damage is easy to have holes. We're the obvious hole in the satellite tower when it was taken down.

✅ Curing glue, from Homedepot

What you get out is a very thick black glue, which solidifies quickly when you fill the hole.

Curing glue

Curing glue

Black gunk



? Connection plate gap repair

It basically reconnects with screws to hold the upper and lower plates together. The nails used have been recommended, it is a handy artifact, high load, but also easy to use.


Screws and drill

Screws and drill work well


roof repair working

roof repair work done

Roof repair work done 




?【 Summary 】

When the inspector proposed it before, we did not think it was so easy to repair, but after careful study, we found it was easy, and it took less time and cost.

So the house needs to sew and mend the place can be carefully studied by yourself, tubing is also a small encyclopedia expert, see if you can DIY yourself, is a good learning opportunity




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