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How To Renovate Your Bathroom Without Remodeling: Here’s 6 Effective Ideas



|Last Updated: 26 Jul 2022

Why renovate when you can refresh? A few clever updates can instantly transform your bathroom from tired to trendy.

Renovating your bathroom doesn't have to involve knocking down and rebuilding. With a few simple tweaks, you can achieve the bathroom of your dreams and save yourself the stress of a complete remodeling.


In this blog, we provide you with a quick overview of how to redesign your bathroom without the highly costly and time-consuming remodeling process. Be inspired by these six best bathroom renovation ideas for your home.


Our bathroom renovation contractors guide you through every detail of your new bathroom renovations and designs.


Understand the Shower/Tub Basics


The shower and tub area of your home is a central focus. It is where most homeowners end up utilizing the space. Knowing what to do with that space is critical for the home improvement process.


A free-standing tub may suit a kid-friendly bath, but for an elegant adult bathtub, choose a large soaking tub. If your bath space is limited in size, consider selecting a shower/tub combo.




Now let's break down showers. Choosing the right type of enclosure for your new shower is an important decision that could have a significant impact on your bathroom and your daily routine. 


There are several different types of enclosures, each with pros and cons that should be considered before construction begins. Here are your three options: Curtains, Glass doors, or No doors. Choose the one that fits your bathroom aesthetic the best.


Apart from these, add gadgets here and there to give your bathroom a new look. From a high-end faucet to a smart drawer pull with hidden storage, these will give your bathroom an upgrade without spending a fortune on complete renovations.


Know Your Materials


When updating your bathroom, to make the renovation process easier and more enjoyable, you'll want to choose suitable bathroom materials that can withstand daily use while considering your personal style.


There is an incredibly versatile range of material that works in almost any bathroom style as it is available in an extensive range of colors and styles, making it easy to customize the look of your space. For example, you can add unique textures by incorporating stone tiles imitating rotten wood or bamboo. You can also choose from various tile sizes, from small mosaics to large-format tiles.


Discuss with bathroom renovation contractors the best use of space and materials that go along with it.


Upgrade the Lighting


Bathroom renovations can include installing new lighting fixtures or changing the layout of a room. The first thing to consider in choosing lighting for your bathroom is whether or not you want to use natural light or artificial light.


Natural light will give your bathroom a bright, airy feel, while artificial light will create a darker atmosphere. The next step is to choose what type of lighting you want to install. There are two types of fixtures: recessed and surface-mounted.


Recessed fixtures are mounted on the ceiling and fitted into holes previously made for them by drilling a hole in the wall or ceiling. They are usually more expensive than surface-mounted fixtures because they require a lot more work to install.


Surface-mounted light fixtures are attached to the walls or ceilings with screws or nails, making them easier to install but harder to remove if you decide to move them in the future. Your Bathroom renovation contractors can help suggest the best ideas to spruce up your bathroom lighting.


Paint bathtub with high-quality paint


If you're looking for a low-cost way to give your bathroom a fresh new look, you may want to consider repainting your bathtub. Firstly, painting the bathtub is inexpensive to provide a unique and attractive look. If you're going to get the best possible results without having to spend too much money, this option will suit you best.




The second reason paint is so popular is that it makes your tub look brand new again. If it has been a while since you last used it, then the chances are that it has become dull and worn out. You can easily achieve a fresh look by painting the surface with paint for bathroom use. You can also choose between latex or oil-based paints according to your needs. Consult your bathroom remodeler for the best advice on what kind of paint and color to choose.


Keep Storage Top of Mind


Bathrooms are usually one of the smaller rooms in the home, so you need to make sure you have enough storage. It is better to have too much storage than not enough. Storage is essential for bathroom renovations. It might be tempting to get rid of all storage options when going through a bathroom renovation. But, do not do this. Here are some storage options to consider:




  • Under-sink storage - Under sinks are great for storing cleaning supplies, toilet paper, and other items that you need easy access to that are not decorative or on display.


  • Drawers - Drawers give you more options than traditional cabinets so that you can compartmentalize and make the most of your space without overcrowding one area with multiple items.


  • Wall-mounted shelves - If you want something a little more decorative, consider wall-mounted shelves. These shelves provide an attractive way to store towels and cosmetics.



Pick the Best Design for Your Budget


Every piece of your home is essential, but a bathroom can be the most important one. Not only does it serve as a place for relaxation, but it also plays an integral role in improving the overall value of your property.


Choosing the right type of renovation for your bathroom can increase its value, so you need to pick the best design plan for your budget. Depending on how much money you have to spend on the renovations, many options are available to you. You don't have to break the bank with luxury materials if you can use affordable ones instead. Hiring a professional like a bathroom renovator helps determine all these factors and makes bathroom renovation easier.




The most common choice seems to be a bathroom renovation when it comes to bathroom remodeling. If you do it, you should at least have the basics of skill and knowledge before going into the actual project, or you may end up with a substandard job and experience problems down the road. You don't want that to happen, so if you're thinking of undertaking a bathroom renovation project, our expert home renovators at Eano can help. Visit our page to know more.


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