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Questions To Ask Your Contractor When Doing Kitchen Remodel



|Last Updated: 18 Apr 2024

Before remodeling the kitchen, there are some questions you may ask your GC first.


Questions to Ask Your Contractor When Doing Kitchen Remodel


Before remodeling the kitchen, there are some questions you may ask your GC first.

For kitchens, inquire about the cost implications of different cabinet styles, and countertop materials, and whether appliance installation affects layout changes. In bathrooms, understand the costs associated with different types of vanities, plumbing fixtures, and tile work. Here is some typical questions:


  1. Is there a price difference between the installation of different cabinets such as Shaker vs European for example?
  2. Are finishing materials such as handles/pulls included in the price of cabinet installation?
  3. If I choose organizers for my cabinets, will that be extra to install those?




  1. If I choose different materials for the countertops, such as quartz or natural stone versus other materials, does the installation or fabrication fee vary?
  2. If I were to get custom countertops (not prefabricated), do you have a fabricator who would do the work?
  3. What do you do with leftover materials and do I have the option of keeping them?
  4. What items do I have to purchase before countertop fabrication?
  5. How do you plan out seams to ensure they are least visible? 
  6. Do I get a choice in edge finish and are any of them extra cost?




  1. What flooring options do you recommend for my type of project, and why?
  2. How do you handle the transition of flooring from the kitchen to other areas of the house?
  3. Is subfloor leveling included in the price?
  4. How do you handle underlayment for the flooring? 
  5. Are baseboards and installation included in the price and what type (wood, MDF, other)? 
  6. If refinishing the flooring, are you qualified in my type of wood flooring?
  7. Do you provide staining samples before choosing flooring stains for refinishing? 




  1. Are there any limitations on the tile size or installation patterns I can choose for the backsplash? What are the cost implications of different choices?
  2. Do you install shelters or how do you finish the ends of the tile?
  3. Am I able to extend my countertop for the backsplash?




  1. Am I limited to the number of different colors/sheens?
  2. Is painting of baseboards and trims included?
  3. Who supplies the paint?
  4. What steps will you take to prepare surfaces before painting?
  5. What brands and types of paint do you recommend and why?
  6. Are the materials environmentally friendly or low-VOC (volatile organic compounds)
  7. Will you need to repair any wall damage (e.g., cracks, holes) before painting? Is there an additional cost?
  8. Are there additional charges for high ceilings or hard-to-reach areas?




  1. Do you check code compliance before starting?
  2. Am I limited to certain appliances (type and number)?
  3. Do you use licensed electricians? 
  4. Do you upgrade outlets to GFCI?
  5. Is it extra to change the location of appliances?



By asking these essential questions, you'll gain insight into the cost breakdown of your kitchen remodel and make informed decisions every step of the way. Here's to a successful and budget-friendly renovation!


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