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How To Pick A Bathroom Sink?



|Last Updated: 26 Jul 2022

Bathroom sink, lavatory, washbasin—whatever you call it—is an integral part of your bathroom. It comes in various sizes, styles, materials, and designs.

With tons of options available in the market, you won’t have to worry about choosing the right bathroom sink for you. But before purchasing, there are a few factors that you must ponder upon. To easily weigh up your options, here’s a guide for you.

Before kicking off your bathroom remodeling project, you must first determine your bathroom size. Know that quarter-baths or 1/4 baths only consist of a toilet, therefore, a bathroom sink wouldn't be possible (without the need to expand).


To get you started here's a quick guide about the three different bathroom sizes where a bathroom sink is feasible:

Upon knowing what bath size you have, it's time for you to anticipate what other costs you may incur outside the installation fee. This is very important as you will have to plan your finances before beginning the project. With this guide, you'll not only have a brief overview of what sink material would suit your preference, but you'll also have an idea of how to work your way around your projected budget.


Bathroom Sink Types

  • Drop-in, Top-mounted or Self-rimming

A common sink design we see in almost every household. The sink bowl is fitted into a cutout countertop hole and the rim rests on the surface, supporting the weight of the bathroom sink.



  • Easy to install
  • Works with any type of bathroom countertop
  • Cost-effective
  • Has a wide range of styles



  • If not installed properly, its durability may be compromised
  • Difficult to clean (if there's an unnecessary gap between the lip and the sink rim



  • Undermount

This is perfect for solid surface countertops. Its bowl is directly mounted below the vanity countertop exposing the entirety of its well-polished edge.



  • Easy to clean
  • Instantly curbs your bathroom's appearance
  • Comes in modern and unique designs


  • Only works with solid surface countertops
  • Prone to water spritz and splashes
  • Costly installation fee



  • Vessel

Eye-catching, aesthetically prominent, decorative sink design. Comes in a stand-alone basin that is placed on top of the vanity counter and is complemented with wall-mounted faucet fixtures.





  • Vessel edges may be prone to damage and breakage over time
  • Would only work with tall, wall-mounted faucets
  • Chances of water overflow are high (because of its stand-alone basin style)



  • Pedestal

A top choice for traditional bathroom styles. Its sink bowl is placed atop a slender stem or pedestal that’s situated on the floor. With its vintage visual appearance, it can easily blend in with any type of embellishment-heavy bathroom elements.



  • Elegant and classy ornate details
  • Takes up a small space of your bathroom floor
  • Makes the bathroom look bigger
  • Durable



  • Limited counter space
  • Offers no storage
  • Difficult to install



  • Wall-mount

Often comes with corner bathroom vanities. A unique design where the sink bowl is hung to the wall with water pipes exposed at the bottom. With its space-saving style, sink types like this can make your bathroom interior look wider.

Image by KBBNewsPics via Flickr



  • Won't take up any floor space
  • Easy access for kids, elderly people, and individuals with limited mobility



  • Requires regular cleaning as water pipes are exposed
  • Must install Decorative P-Traps to strategically conceal the exposed waterwork.



Bathroom Sink Cost by Type

With a variety of styles and sink designs, it is wise to weigh things up by looking at how these would affect your budget as well. There are certain prerequisites when installing a sink type so it is good to consider that beforehand.



Bathroom Sink Materials

Apart from the sink type, you might want to think of a suitable material for your bathroom sink as well. Here are three of the most popular sink materials available.



Has a lustrous finish, easy to clean, and resistant to discoloration. It’s the most durable clay-based material though needs consistent cleaning to maintain its lush appearance.


Another type of clay-based material that’s made up of powder, clay, and water. It’s hardened by heat and is shaped through a high-temperature kiln or oven.

Natural Stone

If you dare to go bold with your bathroom design, stone sinks might be just for you. This is more than a sink material, every bit of it is a masterpiece. It’s made of a carved natural stone block with distinctive features—varied colors, flecks of minerals, minor pits, and extraordinary surface veining.



Bathroom Sink Price by Material

Don't forget to compare which sink material you'd like to see in your bathroom. There's a long list of sink materials available in the market but these are the three top-of-mind choices you may want to look at:


Pro Tip: 

Just remember that any sink wouldn't be complete without a countertop and a faucet so these two fixtures are to be well-thought-of too! Make sure your preferred sink type and material works with your faucet choice. Sinks are commonly predrilled with one or three holes to allow faucet installations but some of the latest models come without any faucet holes. It is vital to pay attention to the details of any fixture you're planning to buy to avoid any hassle in the long run.


Planning to curb your bathroom's appeal with one of these sink choices? We have more stunning bathroom sink options for you! If you like to kick off your bathroom remodeling project, feel free to flick us a message and book your online appointment today!


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