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How To Choose The Right Flooring?



|Last Updated: 26 Jul 2022

If you are to choose the right flooring type for your house, sometimes doing a little research wouldn’t be enough.

Asking for San Francisco Bay Area flooring experts or home renovation professionals is undeniably the right choice! They wouldn’t only help you choose the suitable flooring, they would also provide you with tons of options to make the overall installation process easier and faster! Here are 5 of the most popular flooring selections.



Types of Flooring:



When you're choosing a carpet, there are four main types: texture, twist, loop, and pattern. All four carpet types work well in any living area but which one should you choose? It helps to think of your floor as a blank canvas and each of these carpet styles provides a unique look that you want to coordinate with your style and room design.



  • Textured carpet - is a great choice for high-traffic areas. Textured carpet is the perfect complement for traditional decor and the smooth surface gives the space an open look.


  • Twist carpet - is casual and stylish with a more contemporary look. The surface of a twist carpet frames in a living space and gives bedrooms a cozy atmosphere.


  • Loop carpet - also known as Berber provides maximum durability for family and activity rooms or any room that gets high traffic.


  • Patterned carpet - provides an upscale and refined look to any room and with a wide selection, patterned carpets can be tailored to coordinate with your room's theme and decor.


Once you've made your carpet selection, check out Eano Home Renovation’s best-in-class flooring installation services. You'll receive a free quote plus an evaluation of your current subfloor. It's easy to set up a measure, you can leave us a message and schedule a Bay Area flooring meeting at your most convenient time.



Photo by Boa-Franc via Flickr

Hardwood flooring is a great look for almost any room but which type should you choose? Solid wood or Engineered wood? Here's what you need to know.



  • Solid hardwood flooring - features solid wood throughout. It’s manufactured from several species and is sold in three styles: narrow strips, wider planks, or random width planks. You can purchase solid wood flooring either unfinished or prefinished. The great thing about solid hardwoods is that you can refinish them multiple times over the life of the floor. Solid wood flooring can be installed on or above grade, it's best to avoid installing in areas where water is present such as a bathroom or a laundry room.


  • Engineered hardwood - it is prefinished while the installation is generally easier and wider planks allow you to cover more area faster. Its laminated layers make it more stable than other flooring and less subject to the effects of moisture. You can use it above grade, at grade, or below grade, its thin profile might allow installation in a kitchen without having to remove the old floor.



Photo by Boa-Franc via Flickr


Laminate flooring or also known as “floating plank” flooring is very DIY friendly to install. This popular Bay Area flooring choice is easy to care for and can be used in any type of room. Laminate is available in a wide assortment of colors, styles, and textures to choose from. One great benefit of laminate is no glues, nails, or staples are needed to hold the planks together. They simply click into each other with a tongue and groove system that allows for a fast installation time (if your existing subfloor is clean, level, and secured before you start. 


Some laminates have pre-attached underlayment and some don't, in either case, an underlayment is required for this flooring to work properly. You can use it above grade, at grade, or below grade. So to choose the right laminate flooring, it all comes down to quality, warranty, and personal preference. Always compare the thicknesses, pricing, and overall look before making a final decision.




Photo by Nancy Hugo via Flickr


With tile flooring, you have three different options. This type of Bay Area flooring is one of the most popular choices as it is known to be durable and is naturally resistant to moisture and humidity.



  • Ceramic tile - The most common type of tile is ceramic, it comes in multiple sizes, designs, and colors. Ceramic typically costs the least per square foot of all tiles and it's only used indoors—for floors, walls, and countertops.


  • Porcelain tile -  is similar in appearance but denser and more durable. Porcelain also comes in a huge assortment of sizes, designs, and colors. It's a great choice for kitchens and high-traffic areas and can be used both inside and outside on floors, walls, and countertops. Porcelain also resists water and can withstand cold temperatures that make it ideal for outdoor applications.


  • Natural stone tile -  is any tile that was quarried from the ground and generally the most expensive. Natural stones include granite, marble, slate, travertine, and limestone. Some are considered exotic because they are rare or rich in color. The elegant look and appeal of natural stone make them a highly sought-after tile for kitchens and baths but they do require more care to maintain their beauty. Some natural stones are also available in slab form for countertops.




Vinyl flooring goes by many names linoleum, VCT, peel-and-stick, and resilient among others. Whether it comes in a sheet plank or tile, vinyl flooring is a very popular choice for anyone who wants a durable water-resistant, and cost-effective floor so here's a quick overview.



  • Peel-and-Stick vinyl - tiles are one of the most common and easiest to install. Just like any other type of flooring, these require a flat smooth, and secure subfloor before installation. Some styles can even be grouted to look more like real tile.


  • Sheet Vinyl (Linoleum) - Another type is sheet vinyl, maybe you remember it as linoleum. It's ideal for kitchens and bathrooms because no dirt or water can get underneath when installed properly. Some sheet vinyl styles are glue optional which makes installation easier than before. 


  • Plank Flooring - The final vinyl option is Plank flooring. This option looks like a real tile or a wood plank. It's easy to clean and growing in popularity due to its durability and water resistance. Vinyl plank systems install just like laminate but without underlayment.



Whichever you choose among these flooring options, you can take advantage of Eano Home Renovation's highly-rated expert flooring installation services. You can check our website to see amazing Bay Area flooring packages or book your free consultation at our website today!


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