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|Last Updated: 26 Jul 2022

Before buying that dream house of yours, it is always wise to have it thoroughly and properly checked.

Join us on October 10th for our upcoming 'Home Inspection Tips' webinar!


Whether you've carefully planned out on buying your first house or recently decided to move into your dream home, a proper home inspection is a must! Buying a property is no different when buying a product—everything must undergo scrutiny to steer clear of any avertible problems in the future.


About this Event

A proper home inspection is your best defense against buying a property that will be a home improvement nightmare. For present and future homeowners, this is a must-see home inspection webinar that will provide you important tips before making your final decision!



- 11:00 AM - 11:20 AM — Presentation

- 11:20 AM - 11:40 AM — Q&A



Josh Jensen, CEO & Co-Founder of Inspectify, lifelong house-flipper


Inspectify is a managed marketplace for home inspections. With Inspectify, you can book inspections instantly online and receive repair estimates on every issue found during the inspection.



Hao Jin, Project Manager & GC at Eano Home Renovation


Eano Home Renovation is an emerging construction company that works with top-rated professionals to guarantee easy and affordable renovations. Aiming to provide a secure all-inclusive solution, Eano utilizes an innovative project management app to streamline the entire remodeling process.


Explore more about home inspection and ace your next home-buying decision!


Don't miss Eano Home Renovation's eye-opening 'Home Inspection Tips' webinar this Saturday, October 10th @ 11 AM PT.

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