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Hit A Snag In GC? How To Effectively Avoid It



|Last Updated: 08 Feb 2024

Tell you how to solve inflated quotes, delays with demands for additional payments, unreasonable charges, and results falling short of expectations when reno.

Many homeowners have voiced frustrations about encountering significant challenges when selecting a general contractor (GC) for their home renovations. Issues such as overpriced quotes, project delays with additional payment demands, unexpected and unjust charges, and results falling below expectations are common pain points. If you are gearing up for a renovation, consider these prevalent homeowner challenges and strategies to steer clear of pitfalls on your renovation journey:


1. Overpriced Quotes:

   First-time renovators often lack experience and rely on friend recommendations or online searches to find a suitable GC. In the United States, where labor costs are steep, quotes can easily appear inflated. To mitigate this, obtain multiple quotes from different GCs or leverage Eano's free comparison feature. By providing your project requirements, Eano compiles comprehensive work scope details and collects quotes from various reputable GCs.


2. Project Delays and Cost Increases:

   To address delays and additional payment requests, first, clarify the reasons behind the GC's demands – whether they stem from changes outside the contract or unforeseen circumstances within it. If reasonable, negotiate with the GC based on market research. Should negotiations fail, request settlement based on the current project progress. The importance of clearly defined terms in the contract cannot be overstated. Eano's GC contracts, tailored for homeowners, are applicable across U.S. states and offer support for modifications to suit specific needs.


3. Deposit Collection and Contractor Disappearance:

   Before making any deposits, homeowners should verify the GC company's existence on the contract by checking the state secretary of state's official website.

   - Issue a lawyer's letter demanding a refund, with legal letter fees generally amounting to a few hundred dollars.
   - File a lawsuit in the local small claims court, where legal representation is unnecessary, and fees are low, with a limit of $10,000. For debts exceeding $10,000, consider a lawsuit in Civil Court, taking into account the associated high legal fees.
   - Report the GC on the CSLB website, potentially leading to license revocation or legal repercussions upon verification.

   Eano's GCs possess licenses, undergo rigorous screenings, and benefit from a professional team dedicated to safeguarding homeowner rights, thus minimizing potential issues.


4. Unsatisfactory Results:

   During the inspection phase, if homeowners feel that the GC has not met project requirements, they can withhold final payments and retain evidence of expectations, such as emails and text messages. When signing the contract, it is advised to include detailed expectations to ensure robust avenues for dispute resolution.

For renovation novices, embarking on a renovation can be a daunting challenge. Eano's mission is to empower homeowners to navigate renovations smoothly and avoid common pitfalls, ensuring a more seamless process.

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