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Save Up To 40%! Let Eano Counter Bid Help You With Renovation Costs!



|Last Updated: 11 Mar 2024

We are the 1st renovation platform that created a “counter bid” option that allows local contractors to bid against each other simultaneously.

What is Counter Bid?

Eano is the 1st renovation platform that created a “counter bid” option that allows local contractors to bid against each other simultaneously. This unique approach resulted in homeowners saving 30-40% compared to the traditional method of finding contractors independently. Last year alone, we assisted over 400 homeowners.



Eano's counter-bid feature can help you save up to 40% on renovation costs! Eano is the first renovation platform to introduce a counter-bid feature, aiming to complete the project with the price that homeowners without compromising the budget, style, or material quality.

If you are new to renovations, consider trying this feature to plan your project. 


Here are some key benefits:

High-quality GCs: Save the hassle of interviewing multiple GCs. On Eano, you can simultaneously receive quotes from up to five certified and carefully selected contractors, ensuring project supervision and management.

Homeowner-centric pricing: With the counter-bid feature, homeowners can choose a satisfactory renovation plan and propose a budget that works for them. GCs then bid again based on this price, allowing homeowners to negotiate costs while maintaining their original plans.

Standardized contracts: All contracts signed through Eano are template-based, drafted by state attorneys, and undergo thorough review to protect homeowners' legal rights. This minimizes the risk of disputes and makes the renovation process more relaxed.

Third-party follow-up: Eano's backend team provides full-service support, offering continuous monitoring and assistance in Chinese, ensuring a seamless renovation experience for homeowners.



If you interested, you can simply forward our website ( or direct them to schedule a 30-minute consultation using this booking link:






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