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|Last Updated: 26 Jul 2022

Is your garage still just used as a storage room? Make more use of your unused garage and turn it into a comfortable, more valuable Studio!

Is your garage still just used as a storage room? In the Bay Area, where every inch of land counts, it is a luxury to get extra living space! Make more use of your garage and turn it into a comfortable, more valuable ADU!


Take a look at Eano's latest garage conversion example!



Convert the garage to an ADU directly


No extra backyard area is taken up, leaving the backyard to the flowers, grass, and trees! Converting your unused garage to an ADU is the most efficient way to get extra living space in the Bay Area. 





Worried about the light? None of us like a dark room. The design team opened the ceiling windows to guarantee plenty of sunlight, giving you a bright ADU! 


Storage space


We designed the TV cabinets and cupboards to satisfy the storage needs! Books, toys, and households have their spaces to be organized. 




The mini kitchen is fully functional with stoves, a sink, an oven, and a refrigerator! A Super suction range hood has been installed, not afraid of the smell of grease!


We use marble as the countertop, which is the most popular material in 2022. It is easy to clean, and more durable to use!





We have the modern bathroom in this ADU! No worries about the plumbing system, we handle all these for you! 


Use it as an office or more


It's no longer a luxury to have an extra living space in the Bay Area! A separate ADU like this would be great as an extra office, a place for the elderly to stay, or as a rental!



Want to Convert your abandoned garage to an ADU too? Let Eano help you achieve it!


Who is Eano?


From modern design to quality finishes, Eano delivers your dream home renovation at a price that fits your budget. We provide homeowners with an all-inclusive custom design and build solution, including architectural design, kitchen and bathroom remodeling, ADUs, framing, flooring, painting, and more. Moreover, we can handle a wide variety of custom projects that suit your needs.


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