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Beautiful Bathroom Vanity Ideas You're Going To Love



|Last Updated: 26 Jul 2022

Bathroom vanities are one of the most important parts of the bathroom. It creates a sense of great style. So, you need to make sure that you spend some time picking the right one for your bathroom.

In this article, we have come up with beautiful and cute bathroom vanity ideas that are going to change the way your bathroom looks.


Maximize Your Storage


A cramped bathroom can be frustrating. You want to get ready in the morning and at night, but you don't have enough space to keep all of your bathroom necessities organized. If this sounds familiar, you're not alone.


But if you're working with a small space, or just want to keep things organized, it's 100% necessary. There are a ton of ways that you can make your storage more efficient in your vanity. Do you have a large cabinet under the sink? Consider getting a pull-out trash can or hair tool holder so that every inch is accounted for! Also, consider removing the doors on your cabinets so that they're easy to access without reaching in and digging around for what you need.


Embrace Some Brass


Brass is everywhere lately, and we're not complaining; it's one of our favorite metals. It has a rich, warm glow that looks equally good in traditional and contemporary spaces, so it's the perfect option for your bathroom vanity.



We love brass vanities because they can look really classy without being too gaudy. They're also pretty easy to clean (and they'll look even nicer after a little polishing). But the absolute best part is that they don't have to be expensive; there are plenty of options available both online and in stores.


Have a Statement Mirror, Mirror on the Wall


We love a big mirror in any room of the house. They make rooms look bigger, brighter and more open—and they have the same effect in bathrooms! For example, a gorgeous wall-length mirror creates a focal point in this otherwise simple white bathroom space.


A statement mirror is all about making your space feel bigger and brighter. They can make any bathroom feel bright and airy, but it's also the perfect way to pack a visual punch in a small space. In order to stand out, it should be at least as big as your vanity sink, and ideally even bigger—perhaps encompassing the entire wall behind your sink and countertop. If you're going for an industrial chic vibe, consider a mirror with exposed rivets around the edges. For a more traditional look, pick a large frame made of natural wood or something with intricate carvings.


Think Of a Theme


If you want your bathroom vanity to look like something more than just a boring piece of furniture, you can start by thinking of a theme for your bathroom. The theme will help you choose the color and design for the vanity, so it will fit in with the rest of your bathroom.


For example, if you want your bathroom to have an ocean theme, then use a white color for the vanity and add some nautical accessories around it.



It doesn't stop there, though—you can also choose a general design concept like vintage or industrial depending on what aesthetic you want to go for.


Pack On the Patterns


When it comes to bathroom vanity ideas, there's plenty of options to choose from, but the best one is whatever speaks to your personal style. When you think of "pattern," you might think of bold, graphic ones that are all over your shirt. But patterns are more than that. A pattern is any repeated shape or design—and when you look at it that way, it can be anything!



If you're looking for a bathroom vanity that makes a statement, look no further than some patterned beauty. Combine geometric patterns with stunning colors to create an unexpected look in a small space. But this color and print aren't just for the sake of standing out. The patterns on the vanity are echoed throughout the rest of the bathroom: in the wallpaper, tile flooring, and shower curtain. The result is a cohesive look that feels fun, youthful, and put-together.


Create a One-Color Wonder


If your bathroom has an expansive palette of colors, simplify the look by painting everything the same. This one-color approach to your bathroom will create a sense of serenity and calmness that is so welcome in a bathroom space.


We love the idea of going for a one-color palette, because it creates a clean, classic look that can be dressed up or down however you like.


It's not just about looks, though—monochromatic vanities are incredibly easy to maintain. Think about it: if you have cabinets in multiple colors or finishes, some will require more frequent cleaning than others. It’s just annoying! But with a single-color design, everything can be cleaned at once, meaning no more agonizing over whether or not you should clean that dusty cabinet first.


Take the minimalist approach


These days, the minimalist approach seems to be taking over. Sometimes less is more. If you're not crazy about storage, why not just get a smaller sink? Clean lines, simple fixtures, and natural materials are the best way to go if this is your style.


A sleek, simple vanity that gives you just what you need—and nothing more—is perfect for any modern bathroom. This minimalist approach is all about the details. That means selecting the right vanity for your space. There are so many different options out there, all you have to do is choose the one that works the best for you!


Play a little


Whether you have a small half bath or a spacious master bathroom, the right vanity can make all the difference. Even if you don’t have time to do anything else in your bathroom, investing in a beautiful vanity is an easy way to add interest and style. Whether you're looking for a sleek, modern style or a more vintage aesthetic, there are endless options to choose from. But it doesn't mean you can't get experimental about your renovation. Talk to your professional bathroom renovators while planning out and they might just help you get it right, and get it your way!




From bathroom vanities to tubs, everyone wants to redo their bathroom spaces at home, but not everyone has the same taste. Some like rustic, classic décor and some prefer a contemporary look. Whatever your preference might be, there is a perfect bathroom vanity for you. We hope these tips helped!


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