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The Practical Guide To Shower Niche Installation In Your Bathrooma



|Last Updated: 05 Feb 2024

Shower niches have always been a popular choice in bathroom design, not only enhancing the aesthetics of the space but also providing practical storage functionality

Many homeowners consider adding niches when looking to increase storage space during bathroom renovations. Today, we focus on discussing shower niches, particularly their practicality within the shower area, accommodating essentials like shampoo and shower gel. So, how do you determine if your bathroom is suitable for niche installation?


1. Avoid unnecessary wall damage for niches:

- Unless the bathroom walls are thick or the space is ample, refrain from actively damaging the walls for niches. The decision to sacrifice space should be based on practical considerations.

Avoid unnecessary wall damage for niches



2. Consider the position of bathroom drainage pipes:

- Bathroom drainage pipes are typically located in the corner, which is also the location of the shower. Enclosing these pipes is a common modern renovation requirement. If there's no niche, enclosing the pipes might result in protruding sharp corners inside the shower. By incorporating a niche while enclosing the pipes, you can eliminate these sharp corners, making the shower safer and more comfortable.

bathroom drainage pipes



3. Address niche water accumulation issues:

- To avoid water accumulation issues in the niche, ensuring proper slope during installation is crucial. Well-designed slopes allow water to flow out naturally, and a slope of 3%-5% can effectively prevent water accumulation problems.

To avoid water accumulation issues in the niche



4. Selecting niche shelf materials:

- For a single-layer niche, you can use the same material as the bathroom wall.

- For multi-layer niches, in addition to matching the wall material, using glass partitions is a viable and aesthetically pleasing choice.

niche shelf materials


Choosing the right type and material for your niche, coupled with professional installation, will enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your bathroom.


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