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Advantages Of ADUs Compared To Tiny Houses



|Last Updated: 26 Jul 2022

There are numerous advantages to adding an ADU or granny unit to your home, but are they the same as that of a Tiny House? I’ll give you an idea of what each option has to offer.

Advantages of ADUs Compared to Tiny Houses


ADUs, or Accessory Dwelling Units, are one of the fastest-growing real estate trends in the United States. Over 1,400 housing units were built in 2017 and 2018 accounts for 600 percent growth in ADU construction compared to the previous three years. An ADU is a small residential dwelling that is attached to a larger house and is typically located on the property of someone’s primary residence.


What is an ADU?


An ADU (additional dwelling unit) is a home with sleeping, kitchen, and bathroom facilities that has its own entrance and exists in addition to the primary residence on the same property. It is legal in most U.S. states and can be a great way for homeowners to earn extra revenue, create living space for family and friends, and save on their property taxes.


What is a Tiny House?


A tiny house is typically considered a dwelling that is less than 500 square feet (46 m²). Some people would even consider that to be too big and live in houses that are as small as around 100-200 square feet (10-20 m²).


Tiny House VS ADU (Additional Dwelling Unit)


The tiny house movement is all about downsizing, but a growing trend called ADUs, or accessory dwelling units, has a different focus. These small structures are built as additions to existing homes and provide a flexible living space for friends or family members who want to live there part-time. Contrary to the tiny house movement, ADUs take up a significant amount of space on the property. In some cases, an ADU can be an entirely separate residence that has been added to the main house. In other cases, an ADU may only have enough space for a bedroom and bathroom. The main benefit of an ADU is that it allows you to create additional income by having a tenant pay rent on the additional living space. As a homeowner, this can be an easy way to help pay your mortgage and increase your overall financial well-being.




ADUs can be anywhere from 250-700 square feet (23-65 square meters). They usually consist of a bedroom and bath and sometimes a small kitchenette. The one we're building is about 350 square feet (33 square meters) and includes a sink/fridge/freezer combo and a little table for two. It's legally considered part of the main house: it has its own entrance and mailing address, but there's no separate utility bill or deed. This brings up the second point: ADUs offer an affordable way for homeowners to add extra space without buying or renting land for it. They provide needed income.

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