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ADU Garage Conversion: How To Turn Your Garage Into An ADU



|Last Updated: 26 Jul 2022

One of the most versatile home upgrades that we've completed for our clients in transforming their garage into a comfortable living space and adding value to their property without having to move.

It's an easy, affordable way to create usable space, and best of all it can be done without even having to change the exterior appearance of your home! In fact, by using an ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit) you can completely hide your secondary dwelling in plain sight! An ADU is a legal way of creating more living space for your home. It's typically built above or behind the house and has its own kitchen and bathroom, with separate utilities and entrances.


Factors to consider in an ADU garage conversion


1. Do I Need A Permit For A Garage Conversion?

Do you have to get a permit for a garage conversion? You may need a permit if you're doing major construction or remodeling. If you're adding new windows, installing plumbing for a bathroom or kitchen, or constructing an entirely new building on your property, you'll need a building permit. But chances are that if you're only converting your garage from one use to another, you don't need any permits.


2. Do you have free and clear access to your property?

Before building an accessory dwelling unit in your backyard, make sure that your ADU dweller does not feel isolated from the main house or from the street. An ADU should never cause you to have to move an excessive amount of items before going to bed each night. Ideally, your ADU dweller should be able to move about freely and unhindered at all hours of the day and night. If there is anything in your yard that obstructs a direct path from the ADU to the street, main house or other areas, remove those obstructions so that everyone who exits your home can do so safely, with ease.


3. A new utility connection may be required.

The good thing is that, while you do not need to create new utility connections, it should be easy to tap into the pre-existing ones on the property. If you don't already know, you can find out if this is possible with your property or not. It is something you should find out about before starting the project. Not because this will pose a problem, but because you might have an additional budget kept away for this, and you need to make that new connection if it is necessary. It could be an expense that wasn’t planned for, but it shouldn’t surprise anyone because now everyone knows about it.


4. How much privacy will you have?

An ADU garage conversion is an ideal way to make more space, and more money. As more people move to cities, the rent continues to rise and the supply of affordable housing keeps shrinking. An ADU garage conversion becomes a solution for these problems by converting part of your property into an independent living unit - providing a new revenue stream and helping you with your mortgage (potentially it can lead to tax deductions as well).


5. It is important to check for any pooling of water at the site.

Sometimes it may be initially confused with a very small foundation crack which is caused by the ground shifting a little causing the walls to adjust by pulling each end a little. However, water pooling inside the property of an ADU garage conversion could be very problematic and should be taken care at once.


Highlight reasons that people would want an ADU-

If you're considering converting your garage into an ADU, there are some things to consider. We're going to look at some of the factors to think about when planning your new home addition.


An ADU, or Accessory Dwelling Unit, is a smaller detached unit that is attached to a larger primary dwelling unit. These units are often built in the backyard or on the property next door. They may be rented out for additional income or for family members who want their own space. Because living situations and preferences can vary greatly from one household to the next, there are many different types of ADUs that can be created.


Typically, ADUs have their own kitchens and bathrooms as well as separate entrances from the main dwelling. This allows independent living arrangements but also provides easy access to the rest of the home. Some of these units can even include full-size bathrooms and kitchens, depending on how much space is available in the primary residence.


ADUs don't always have their own garages and sometimes they share them with other structures on the property. If you're planning to use your existing garage as part of your new design, you might need to make sure that it meets zoning regulations before proceeding with any construction plans.



Hopefully, the tips above will help you get started on your own garage conversion. And if you’re still not sure whether a garage conversion is a right choice for you, remember that it’s better to make an informed choice than one made in haste—just as new homes are best when they’re well planned and researched. Still not sure an ADU is right for you? Contact Eano Home Renovations today!


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