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What To Do Before And After A Flood? We Got You!



|Last Updated: 03 Jan 2023

Follow these steps before and after a major storm to lessen damage, make repairs and stay safe.

After experiencing an atmospheric river that soaked Northern California New Year's weekend, Bay Area residents prepared for another, even stronger storm system set to arrive Wednesday that weather forecasters warn could have catastrophic impacts.



The Bay Area office of the National Weather Service did not mince words about the approaching atmospheric river, warning it could have catastrophic impacts across the region.


"The impacts will include widespread flooding, roads washing out, hillside collapsing, trees down (potentially full groves), widespread power outages, immediate disruption to commerce, and the worst of all, likely loss of human life. This is truly a brutal system that we are looking at and needs to be taken seriously."



To reduce the loss and recover your house after the flood, there are many steps to prepare and repair your home before and after a significant storm. 


Preparing Your Home for a Hurricane or Major Storm


Get Insurance Coverage Well in Advance


Review your homeowners insurance policy and flood insurance, and see what’s included.


Document All Your Belongings


Increase your odds of insurance covering all damage by taking an inventory of everything you own. A home inventory is a comprehensive list of your personal belongings, along with their monetary value. While you don't have to list every single item you own as part of your inventory, you should include all items of significant value.



Move Items to Higher Ground


The lowest parts of your home are more likely to flood first. When possible, move belongings to the highest point possible, whether that’s a second floor, an attic or the upper part of a split-level home. Please remember to start with the most valuable items. 


Start a recovery after the flood, we got you! 


Once the damage has been done, it’s time to jump into repairs, insurance claims, and any additional effort to get your home back to where it was before the storm hit. Follow these steps for repairing your home after a major storm.


Call Your Insurance Company

Your first call should be to your insurance company. You need to know exactly what you’re covered for. Give them a call as soon as possible.



Hire a Clean Up Company

Any water in your home needs to be pumped out. All debris and anything that’s been saturated must be removed. If there is sewage waste it requires extra precautions and professional help. Call a pro.



Get Eano to Recover Your Home 


Eano stands for Easy and Affordable renovation. Eano is an all-inclusive home renovation service built on a project management technology platform. All of our partnered contractors are fully licensed, bonded, and insured with a $1M minimum policy.


Get an online estimate in 2 minutes! 


Eano gets plenty of experience restoring water-damaged homes. Below is our checklist and step-by-step restoration. 


  1. Check the electrical panel. 

If the water rose as high as the electrical panel, outlets, and switches, our licensed electrical contractor will have this checked before turning the power back on. 

  1. Check the HVAC system. 

Your heating and cooling system could have been damaged by flood waters, so our HVAC specialist will check this as the routine. 

  1. Check the Roof 

Some old roofs may leak after a storm, perhaps damaging floors, walls, furniture, etc. Our contractor will check the roof, and provide the easiest and most affordable way to repair if needed. 

  1. Replace Flooring

All damaged flooring (including laminate, hardwood, carpeting, and tiling) should be ripped out, as well as the subfloor, otherwise, the damaged flooring will be the source of termite and mold. 


Eano works with top brands based in the Bay Area, and we've got these finishing materials in stock! 


Laminate Flooring


Vinyl Plank


Engineered Hardwood


Click to check more flooring finishing materials. 


Eano promises to provide the easiest and most affordable renovation services: 



Get an online estimate in 2 minutes! 


  1. Remove Drywall if needed

  2. Remove Insulation if needed

Saturated batt insulation isn’t effective because it will compress and the air space gets full of water. Plus, the insulation will never completely dry out, which will keep moisture in your walls forever. That can lead to poor air quality, mold and mildew, and further damage to your home’s structure from rot.

  1.  Let the Wall Cavity Dry Out if needed

  2. Painting

After rebuilding drywall, filling out insulation, and drying out the wall cavity, Eano will get your walls re-painted.  


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