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Palo Alto Home's Total Renovation Under $40K



|Last Updated: 26 Jul 2022

Eano has done a seemingly impossible Palo Alto project in the past you wouldn't believe until you see it.

Since we've started catering to residential clients, we have been exposed to the realities of home renovations—the costs, the struggles, and the overall excitement. With our extensive list of projects from the past, we have become well aware of what things to expect so we have come up with our own best practices. Today, we'll be sharing one of our most remarkable projects (yet) where we have helped a client who requested to have his whole house remodeled. During our first on-site visit, we were taken aback by the eminent massive work that is needed to amend the whole place. To give you an overview of what took place during those months, here's a brief breakdown of all the work we've covered from top to bottom.




As seen above, the kitchen's interior was a bit outdated. The existing fixtures were quite traditional and gave off a gloomy atmosphere. The flooring was also a bit messy because it didn't go well with the rest of the design. The intricate details were overwhelming, the kitchen's overall look was not cozy and inviting anymore. The wall painting seemed like it has been washed off years ago and the kitchen elements were not well coordinated either.



After identifying what needed to be done, we went on to start the project, and here's what the kitchen looks like now:



Here's a list of the significant work we did in the kitchen:

  • Demolished cabinets, flooring, windows
  • Replaced old appliances and installed new (modern) ones
  • Installed new kitchen cabinets
  • Install new electric wires (took out the wall to do it)
  • Included sheetrock and finishing 
  • Replaced old lighting fixtures
  • Painted the walls anew
  • Installed new countertop (stone material)
  • Added a kitchen backsplash
  • Installed new sink and faucet
  • Added kitchen tiles
  • Installed a fan
  • Replaced the old kitchen door
  • Installed new windows
  • Baseboard installation 
  • Installed new flooring








Apart from this area being clutter full of things, the living room was not comfortable in any way. Dirty walls, non-existent storage, old carpeted floor, outdated pieces of furniture, and a mix of uncoordinated stuff—these summed up the entire room. From the moment we saw this part of the house, we felt the urgency of the work we need to do. Our home remodelers have pointed out what could be replaced and what new things to install to breathe new life into this old living room.



After deliberately taking off the nonessential stuff from this area, we installed new fixtures and flooring—the main focus of the entire living room remodel. 



We've rounded up a list of eminent work we did to the living room:

  • Demolished old flooring and windows
  • Painted the storage doors
  • Paint the fireplace anew
  • Replaced the old fireplace
  • Installed a new set of windows
  • Added sliding doors
  • Painted the walls
  • Changed the lighting fixtures
  • Added new outlets and light switches
  • Fixed the entrance floor
  • Installed new flooring and floor baseboard
  • Took out old, nonessential stuff





The image of the former bedroom was just the tip of the iceberg. All things unorderly were apparent and we couldn't imagine the struggle of having a bedroom scenery like this. From the absence of essential fixtures to the aesthetically challenged interior, we knew this bedroom could use a little work. Amid our total renovation project, the client had expressed his goal of putting this property up for rental. This pushed us to become more determined in making these rooms more appealing and functional at the same time. 


Snapshots of the new bedroom interiors are shown below. A whole new aesthetic can be seen from these pictures, this would give more reason for renters to go check out this place.


What made these rooms vibrant and aesthetically alluring? Here are a few things we did:

  • Demolished old floorings and windows
  • Installed new outlets (2 per wall)
  • Installed new lighting fixtures and light switches
  • Installed new flooring
  • Painted walls anew
  • Added floor baseboards
  • Installed new windows
  • Changed bedroom doors
  • Fixed and painted bedroom closets
  • Installed new sets of curtains



What took place in this project was a remarkable job done by our Eano home builders. We didn't only breathe new life into this place, we opened new possibilities for the homeowner. It was a tedious and meticulous job on our part but seeing the results made it all worth the months of breaking ground. Planning to remodel your home as well? Feel free to leave us a message and we'll have your (free) quote ready in minutes! In the meantime, have a browse through our previous projects and our wide array of home remodeling services here.

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