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Los Angeles Launches New ADU Standard Plan Program



|Last Updated: 08 Dec 2022

Los Angeles has recently announced a new ADU program that would help resolve the ongoing housing crisis.

On March 5, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti has announced the launch of a new program that'll speed up the process of advancing ADUs. The program is a new initiative administered by the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety (LADBS) to provide builders and homeowners with a variety of pre-approved ADU building plans and designs, allowing homeowners to enjoy faster and more cost-effective permitting services. At the same time, the Mayor said that Los Angeles and its residents meet the challenges we face every day with creativity, innovation, resilience, and an unparalleled spirit of doing things. The program is an effort to make ADUs more flexible and accessible, and effectively address the housing shortage and create more affordable housing throughout the city.

In the midst of Los Angeles' current housing crisis, ADUs have become key to the City's ability to expand and diversify its housing supply. Since the law on streamlining ADU construction took effect in 2017, ADUs now account for 22 percent of newly permitted housing units. After a year of development and a seven-month pilot trial, the ADU Standard Program allows homeowners to obtain 20 pre-approved design options from 10 different firms. By choosing from one pre-approved layout, homeowners can reduce the LADBS plan check review process from four weeks to six weeks, to one day.


These pre-approved designs will help streamline and speed up the process of the overall permitting process and reduce costs, and the flexible designs will work for most residential properties. At the same time, it will also reduce the cost of housing in Los Angeles.




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