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Maximize Your Renovation Success With Eano’s Project Management App



|Last Updated: 02 Nov 2023

Enter the Eano project management app - your personal renovation advocate. Here's how to leverage this powerful tool post-contract signing for a seamless renovation journey.

Congratulations on taking the leap into your home renovation project! Signing a contract with Eano or a contractor is the first step in transforming your space. But what comes next is crucial to ensure that the dream doesn't turn into a logistical nightmare. Enter the Eano project management app - your personal renovation advocate.

Here are specific scenarios where it’s essential to use the Eano App:


Communication via the Chat Center

After signing the contract, it's time to get down to the nitty-gritty details of your renovation. The chat center in the Eano app is your go-to hub for all communication. If you have unique installation needs, please discuss them in the group chat. This ensures that your preferences are clearly documented.


Permit Change Orders (Only for Permitting phase)

If any changes or additions arise during your project design phase, please let the Eano team know, and we will send you an updated change order. For example: if you want to remove a structural wall for opening the kitchen instead of simply surface remodeling, then we need to add a structural change order.



Good communication is vital for a successful renovation. Download the Eano app and keep written records in the chat to protect your interests when expectations differ.


For effective management, utilize our milestone feature.


Tracking Progress with Milestones

Stay on top of your project’s progress with Eano’s milestone feature. This tool is indispensable for effective management as it visualizes each step of the journey. Your designer/contractor will upload documents and photos for each milestone, allowing you to track what’s been done against the project timeline. This clarity not only keeps your project files organized but also arms you with the information you need to address any issues proactively.


Secure Payments, Secured Trust

Renovations involve significant financial transactions, and Eano’s digital payment system adds a layer of security to this process. Payments are placed in escrow and only released when you confirm that the work for a milestone is complete to your satisfaction. This ensures that your funds are protected and that there’s a transparent record of each transaction.


Your Feedback Shapes the Future

Once your project milestones are met, and the dust settles, your feedback is a powerful tool. The Eano app relies on your experience to maintain a network of high-quality service providers. By giving a rating, you help uphold professionalism within the Eano community and influence the eligibility of service providers for future projects.


Personalized Material Selection

Eano offers curated Material Design Bundles to add that personal touch to your renovation. The App allows you to browse and select materials that resonate with your style (or go to our materials website at Plus, a quick chat with a Materials Representative can help you mix and match to your heart’s content.


In Conclusion

With the contract in place, the Eano app becomes your most valuable player in the home renovation game. It bridges the gap between your expectations and the execution of the project. The app simplifies communication, manages changes, tracks progress, secures payments, and values your feedback. It's not just about building or renovating; it's about creating a home that reflects your dreams and aspirations.

As you embark on this exciting journey, remember that Eano is more than an app - it's your partner in creating the home you’ve always wanted.

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