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How To Replace And Install A Toilet



|Last Updated: 26 Jul 2022

Here are short and simple ways on how to replace and install a new toilet that not only works better but also helps save you money on your water bills.

Step 1: Take measurements

First off, take the measurements of your old toilet. Measure your back wall to your closet bolts and then off your sidewall to the side of your bowl. These measurements are important to getting a toilet that's gonna fit your space. Usually, toilet bowls are elongated for comfort but if you have a smaller space you might want to go with the round bowl. Once you have your new toilet, you can start removing your old one. 


Step 2: Turn off the water

You need to turn off your water and flush water from the tank. The rest of the water in the tank can be removed with a sponge. You're going to disconnect the supply lines from the tank. Unscrew the nuts on the tank and lift it off the bowl. Wear gloves in case it cracks. Use a water solidifier to keep the water from sloshing out of the bowl, you can also use a sponge to get the water out.


Step 3: Remove the Old Toilet

Loosen and remove the nuts holding the toilet bowl to the floor. Lift the bowl and set it out of the way in a garbage bag. With your old toilet removed, take out the old wax ring then use a rag to stuff the hole. This is going to keep any sewer gases from coming up or anything falling. After that, take out your putty knife and remove any excess wax, you can also start removing the old closet bolts. If your flange is still in good shape, you can proceed to the next step. But if it is broken, you can pick up a repair kit to fix it.


There’s this one problem you might run into with the renovation. Ideally, homeowners would want their flange a little higher than their finished floor, however, if you're adding new flooring you might find that your flange is gonna be too low. Good thing, some stores make several products to bring your flange up to the proper height so it can be properly sealed. With your new toilet ready to be set, you can start installing the new closet bolts. (simply slide them in, twisting them so they don't come out) and tighten down the washers so it's easier to align your toilet above them.


Step 4: Bring the New Toilet

Next, bring your new toilet in and set it upside down on this towel so you can install your wax ring. Take your wax ring and run it underneath some warm water to soften it up and then you can now install it over the hole. With your wax ring set, remove the rag from your drain and flip out the toilet over—carefully lowering it over your new closet bolts. We all know that toilets are heavy so you might need help setting it in place. Firmly press it down and make sure it's square with the wall. To secure the toilet, add the cat bases, washers, and the nuts to the closet bolts. You're going to do alternate tightening to keep the pressure even. Use a hacksaw to cut off the excess then pop on the cats.


Step 5: Install the Tank

Now it's time to install your tank. Typically, you’re going to have your valve assembly already installed right out of the box but you’re going to need to flip over your tank and install the bolts (which are just going to slip into place), and then you’re going to have to install the rubber gasket to the base. Set the tank in place and tighten the nuts by hand—alternating as you go. Check it with a level then tighten the nuts for a watertight seal but don't overtighten—you don't want to crack the tank. Hook up the water supply and slowly turn on the water. You need to check for leaks around the supply line and the gasket base. If it is leaking, this can usually be fixed by tightening the bolts. You’re going to want to flush the toilet a couple of times and then check around the base. If it is leaking, make sure the nuts are tight otherwise you'll need to replace and reset the wax ring.


Step 6: New Toilet Complete!

From there, you can install the seat—typically all you’re going to need for this is a screwdriver. You can caulk around your base if you want to, but to make sure you don’t have any leaks, you might want to do that later. The last thing to do is to take your top and set it on your tank and the toilet installation is complete.


Who would've thought that there are certain bathroom projects we could do on our own. But, if you find trouble following these step-by-step, you can just contact us and let Eano Home Renovation do the job for you! We assure you that our bathroom remodeling packages are affordable and our services are highly recommended. If you ever plan to update your toilet, drop by our website, get your free quote, and book your free consultation with us anytime!


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