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How To Install Interior Doors



|Last Updated: 26 Jul 2022

Got old damaged or worn out interior doors? Do your home a favor by installing new doors.

First things first:

If your door frame is damaged you'll need a prehung door which includes the frame and door. If your frame is in good shape, a slab, or blank door will do fine (and blank doesn't mean your door can't have character) there are a variety of door styles available. If you're installing a prehung door, make sure you get the correct swing. Open the door and stand with your back to the hinges, if the doorknob is on the left, you need a left-handed door. Some blank doors have a beveled edge on the strike side, so check to make sure you get the correct one. Also, pick a door that's the same size as the old one. You can use your old door as a template to install the new one. Close it and make marks 10 inches from the floor, you'll need these later.


Remove the old lockset and hinge pins and take out the door. With the new door on sawhorses, set the old door on top—keeping the tops and hinge sides flush and clamp in place. Just mark any excess for now, also mark the hinge mortises using a combo square. Use the square to transfer the distance from the door edge too. Mark the mortise step using a hinge as a guide and mark the lockset locations. To get 1/8 inch clearance at the bottom, transfer the 10-inch marks
from the old door to the new one.



Let's get started!


  • On the new door

On the new door, measure 9 and 7/8 inches toward the bottom and make a straight line. Cut the excess from the sides or bottom with a saw or planer. Remember, the strike side of the door may be beveled. To cut mortises for square hinges, score the lines with the utility knife then use a chisel to outline the edges and make relief cuts across the area—don't go deeper than your mark. Chisel out the wood inside the marks. For round hinges, use a hinge template and router. Hold the hinge in place, drill pilot holes, and attach with screws.


  • For the Lockset

For the lockset, drill the holes only. Drilling halfway through to prevent splintering then flip the door and finish the rest from the other side. Drill the edge borehole for the latch with a one-inch hole saw and if you're going to paint the door it's a good idea to do it now. 


  • Onto the Door Jamb

Onto the jamb. Hold the hinge plate in place, it should be flush with the casing. If the mortise isn't deep enough, remove some wood with the chisel, if it's too deep use cardboard as a shim behind the hinge and attach with screws. Attach the new strike plate if you're not using the old one. Set the door in the hinges, use shims on the floor if needed. Insert the hinge pins and test the door by working it back and forth. You should have about 1/8 inch clearance at the head and strike sides and about 1/16 inch on the hinge side. Install the lockset according to the directions then test the door to be sure it fits and swings freely.


We all know that these new doors will give your home decor a fresh look. So if you're thinking of doing a simple DIY project at home, this would be the perfect assignment for you. Having second thoughts on this project? Let Eano Home Renovation do the job for you! Our long lineup of home remodeling services also includes door installations. To make sure you wouldn't stray away from your budget, Eano only offers easy and affordable packages. Let us know how you want your home projects done and we'll take care of the rest, get your free quote, and book an appointment with us today!


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