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How To Choose A Bathroom Faucet?



|Last Updated: 26 Jul 2022

Whether you're replacing a leaky faucet or just want to update the look of your bathroom there are a few things you need to know before you start shopping.

Any type of home remodeling or home upgrade requires time, effort, and of course, money. These three are essential when shopping for a home fixture that would be placed in your home for quite a while. For you to make every cost worth spending, here's a list of all the factors you should look out for when buying a new bathroom faucet.



Faucet Holes

Let's talk about faucet holes. There are three main types of faucets a single-hole, widespread, and centerset. Whether or not they'll work in your bathroom will depend on how many holes you have to work with. For an undermount sink that has holes already drilled into the vanity top, the same considerations still apply. Single-hole faucets have the handle built into the unit and as the name implies will only work with sinks or vanities that have only one installation hole. Widespread and centerset faucets have separate hot and cold handles to operate the faucet and require three installation holes so typically there will be one or three installation holes in the sink or vanity top to accommodate the faucet. If you like the look of a single-hole faucet but have three pre-drilled holes into your sink or vanity top you can look for a model that includes an accession plate to cover-up the other two holes.



Faucet Center (spreads)

Spreads or also known as faucet centers are the distance between the faucet handles. With regards to this faucet feature, you'll need to know this measurement if you choose a centerset or a widespread faucet. Centerset faucets have the spout and handle set on a fixed base because the handles can't be repositioned. You'll have to make sure that the distance between them exactly matches the holes in your sink. Fortunately, the vast majority of centerset faucets have a standard four-inch spread but make sure to double-check before ordering. Another type of three-hole faucet is widespread, unlike a centerset faucets, the widespread faucet has an independent spout and handles. They're not connected to a base or each other so you have flexibility on how far apart you place them.



Faucet Spout

Finally, you'll need to decide on what type of spout and handles you prefer for your new faucet. You'll want to choose a design that matches your decor but also functions well for you and your family. Consider spout height and reach when choosing your faucets. Spout height is how far the end of the spouts is above the rim of the sink. You'll want enough clearance to comfortably wash your hands. Spout reach refers to how far the spout extends over the sink. It should extend far enough so that you have room to wash your hands without bumping into the back of the sink but not so far that it causes water to splash out of the front of the basin. This type of handle that you choose will have a lot to do with the style of your bathroom. Cross handles and knobs are operated by grasping and twisting to control the water flow whereas lever handles can be operated without grasping or twisting. There are a lot of variations on the standard spout and handles you can narrow down your search by sorting for decor style and finish just remember to gather some basic information before you start shopping. Know how many faucet holes there are, how far apart they sit, and the style of the spout and handles you prefer.

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