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|Last Updated: 26 Jul 2022

Here is the full set of detached ADU permit that Eano provides to our customer. Please note, this sample permit set is not for construction.

Eano Design of Architectural process will be divided into the following phases:

Phase 1) As-built Drawing: (first week after deposit)
Drawings will include floor plans, roof plans.


Phase 2) Schematic design: (first draft within the two weeks)
Provide two preliminary building designs for client’s approval
Include one meeting with city agencies to review the design for general compliance and
preliminary comments
Revise preliminary building designs based on planner comments
Include other architectural details

Phase 3) Design Review:
Small Project Design Review
Coordinates with the city for notification and comment review


Phase 4) Planning permit:
A set of Architectural Documents for the Planning Permit submittal. Drawing will include
a Site plan, Floor plan, Exterior elevations, Building sections, Wall sections, and other necessary Details, (3D model will not be provided) Utility plans
Prepare approval documents

The Structural Engineering Services will base on the following tasks.
These construction documents may not detail all possible structural conditions but will demonstrate the structural adequacy of the project sufficiently for a building permit.

Services include(if required):
Prepare Structural Drawings
Prepare Structural Calculations
Prepare Structural Specification

Plan Check Response. Respond to City of where the client's property located, plan check comments if any.

Services include(if required):
Revise structural drawings as requested by the plan check comments. Revise structural calculations as requested by the plan check comments.
Construction Support.


Phase 5) Construction Documents:
Upon approval of the planning dept. and client, we will proceed into preparing the
Construction documents (Includes: Site plan, Floor plan, Building sections, Wall sections,
and other necessary details)
Response to plan check comments

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