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The Four Steps Of ADU Construction



|Last Updated: 29 Feb 2024

How Long Does It Really Take? The Four Steps of ADU Construction

This is a big question because it's genuinely challenging to provide a simple and universal answer. Each person's construction needs, size, layout design, the complexity of the building, availability of manpower, and neighborhood factors all vary, requiring a case-by-case examination.

Generally, the construction time for an ADU takes 12-18 months. Surprised? The ADU construction boom is underway, and a widespread building frenzy has emerged during the pandemic. This surge has significantly increased the demand for labor and materials!

ADU construction involves four main stages: funding, design, permit application, and construction. In today's market, completing this task from start to finish takes at least a year.

1. Funding: If the homeowner needs a loan, they must allocate time for the application process, which generally takes 60-90 days to secure the loan. Based on the loan amount or existing funds, reserve 10%-20% as an emergency fund. The remaining budget should cover design, permits, construction, and costs for any essential auxiliary projects, such as parking spaces or landscaping.

2. Design: Before meeting with the designer, consider how you currently and foreseeably want to use the ADU. It's a permanent addition to your property, and its purpose may evolve over time. Ask yourself questions like: How big do I want the ADU? What layout do I prefer? What is the intended use of the ADU? Are there plans to add additional significant features in the future? Let the designer tailor the design to your specific requirements, as this will impact your future use. The duration of confirming these details depends on the length of your communication with the designer.

3. Permit Application: Strictly speaking, this takes 60 days, but it can take longer. During the submission, you can use the design drawings to find a suitable General Contractor (GC) and communicate construction details with them.

4. Construction: Finally, you reach the construction phase, a sigh of relief after completing the lengthy process. For a 500 sqft ADU, regular construction can be completed within six months. On Eano, there are prefab ADUs, which significantly expedite the construction process because we have pre-prepared all the finishing materials for you, including design. Permits can also be handled seamlessly in one go.

In conclusion, building an ADU involves a multi-step process, and the timeline varies based on individual circumstances and choices. Taking these steps meticulously ensures a smooth and successful ADU construction project.

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