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9 Bathroom Mirror Tips For You



|Last Updated: 26 Jul 2022

Mirrors never judge you for staring at them. On the contrary, they deliver the endless style you deserve.

There is a lot to love about bathroom mirrors. The right choice of a mirror can contribute to a sense of spaciousness, enhance the natural rays, and add tons of décor to your bathroom. So let's take a good look in the mirror with these 9 bathroom mirror design ideas that are sure to elevate any space regardless of its shape, size, and style. 


1. Big Mirrors Magic in the Bathroom

Large-sized mirrors are great in small bathrooms. Materials like brick add so much dimension to the bathroom. Using your walls is necessary to communicate style. A floor-to-ceiling wall mirror doubles the architectural look.

2. The Shape of the Mirror is Very Important

For making your bathroom more interesting, try something in a new shape other than the classic rectangular and circular design. The curved mirrors complement the curvature of the sink area. This bathroom mirror design is a perfect idea, which gives it an elegant and trending look. 
shape-of-mirror curved mirror complements the sink surface.


3. The Window Treatment Mirror

Don’t let windows stop you from staring at yourself in the mirror. You can always secure a mirror on the window above the sink. You can also cover the rest of the window with curtains. This will ensure your privacy, but also style-wise, it would be a good idea.



4. The Hanging Mirror

Hanging mirrors are perfect in the bathroom design world. There's something about them that feels stylish yet playful. It will give you a farmhouse vibe. Hanging lamps complement the hanging mirrors in a small bathroom. You will find this look to be very unique.


5. Lean the Mirror Against the Wall

This is by far the easiest mirror placing idea for small bathrooms. All you have to do is to get in the bathroom and lean a full-length mirror against the wall. It looks sophisticated with black polished edges. The design of the bathroom ensures elegance and tons of style.


6. The Decked Out Mirror for the Small Bathroom

A unique bathroom mirror is a perfect way to add an extra punch of style. For the heavy sink in your bathroom, the blue leather framed mirror is the most amazing option one could have. 



7. Place the Mirror on Any Wall in the Bathroom

Mirrors in the bathroom don’t have to be strictly placed near the sink area. Lining all the walls with mirrors makes your bathroom look much bigger. 

8. The Shape of the Mirror Matters

You should find the right shape of the mirror, which is highly recommended. The shape of the mirror is a huge contributing factor that will massively affect the overall style of the bathroom. 

9. Long and Round Mirror

You can add a touch of softness with a round mirror to your bathroom, as it blends seamlessly with the flow without disturbance. On the other hand, a long mirror strengthens the overall look of the bathroom. So, these two kinds of mirrors are always trending in the bathroom mirror design world.


Having the right choice of mirror installed in your bathroom is important. We may not realize but choosing a mirror concerning your bathroom can make or break your overall bathroom interior design. With a variety of mirrors, you can get creative and check out different bathroom mirror designs.

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