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7 Types Of Flooring Materials Perfect For Your Rental Houses



|Last Updated: 26 Jul 2022

Liven up your California rental houses with these affordable types of flooring materials.

Deciding which suitable Callifornia flooring material to use for your own home is a lot different when you're doing it for your rental property. If you seek to obtain a higher return of investment, finding a good and justifiable deal is a must!


But before putting your rental houses into the market, you should bear in mind that there can be tenants who may not give the same care you give to your property. When buying good flooring materials, there are three main factors you need to consider: durability, price, and design. To help you determine what's best for your rental property, here are 7 of the best California flooring materials so far.


1. Vinyl

Sheet vinyl, luxury vinyl tile, and solid vinyl tile—these are the best options for this type of flooring. Vinyl is extremely popular not only because of its affordable price but also for its versatility and moisture resistance. It comes in a wide array of patterns and colors—from imitation wood and stone to faux tile.



2. Laminate

Because of the stunning aesthetic look it offers, Laminate is at the top-most list when it comes to popularity. Its cost can range from 50 cents to $5 per square foot. It is a low-maintenance type of flooring that can be easily installed in just about every room in your house. Created out of high-end materials, Laminate flooring has been known for its durable and impervious qualities.



3. Linoleum

If you're looking for a California flooring type that's been known for years, Linoleum would be one of the top choices. Since it's a mix of natural materials (cork dust, tree resins, wood pulp, linseed oil, and minerals), it has become a great option for eco-friendly property owners. Overall, Linoleums are commonly affordable, reasonably durable, spill-proof, and damage-resistant.



4. Tile

Tile would be everyone's choice when it comes to kitchen and bathroom floorings. It comes in different sizes, colors, and designs and its base material comes in three variants: porcelain, ceramic, or stone. Because of its impervious and easy-to-clean qualities, this popular California flooring type has become an excellent option for homeowners and property owners alike.



5. Hardwood

Whether it's solid or engineered, hardwood floors are the most luxurious type of California flooring. It's made from top-tier materials—generally manufactured with real wood veneer. You can choose from its wide set of wood types: pine or red oak, maple, bamboo, walnut, ash, or hickory. Unlike many other options on this list, Hardwood belongs to high-maintenance floors—an ideal option for top-tier rental properties.



6. Cork

Cork has just recently grown in popularity. This all-natural floor type is prized for its unique, floaty look and its warm feel underfoot. Since it is made from the bark of the cork oak tree (Quercus suber), it has become a top biodegradable choice. Corks are not easily burnt and it can act as insect repellants because it contains a natural component called suberin.



7. Carpet

Even if it was considered as a floor covering in the past, Carpets have dominated the home remodeling world for quite some time. It comes in different textures and is commonly woven from a wide variety of materials. It installs quickly and it is best suitable for living rooms, bedrooms and any other type of family room. If well taken care of, carpets can keep the space warm and soft and it can withstand wear and tear in the long-run.



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