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7 Living Room Must-Haves



|Last Updated: 26 Jul 2022

The living room is the heart of your home.

This is especially true in an era when people are increasingly choosing to entertain themselves and others at home—rather than head out to expensive bars and restaurants every few days. But, furnishing and decorating a living room for both cozy nights in and entertaining guests can be difficult; you want to keep it stylish while also making it comfortable. Fortunately, the suggestions below will optimize your living room for maximum style and comfort.


1. A Nice Sofa

Your futon may have been with you through thick and thin, but at a certain point, you have to let it go. Revamp your living room by replacing it with a stylish sofa built with a sturdy frame and quality fabric. As you’re shopping for it, keep in mind that the size and design will need to fit your space.


2. A Coffee Table

A beautiful couch alone will go a long way in upping your living room style. But, it will have a much greater influence if you couple it with a chic coffee table. Choose any design that you think will fit the overall tone, but make sure the height and size match the couch and the available space.


3. Decorative Pillows

No adult living room should be without decorative pillows; they’re a great way to add a personal touch to space and can tie together various design elements. To decorate like a pro, get a few different sets of pillows, and mix and match them depending on your mood or the occasion.


4. A Bookshelf

Even though we’re all using our devices more often for reading, physical books are still a must for most adults. Design a welcoming living room and show your books the respect they deserve with a beautiful bookshelf—which also offers extra storage space for any decorative items you want to display.


5. Centerpiece Carpet

A trendy area rug is a must in any adult living room. Even if you have impeccable hardwood floors, an area rug can act as a centerpiece to your living room. For instance, a quirky pattern can add a bright spot to an otherwise minimalist design, whereas a pure, neutral color can tone down a colorful room.


6. Houseplants

An adult living room isn’t complete without houseplants. Plants make space look brighter while also purifying the air, and with all of the varieties available, you’re sure to find a few you like. Get a striking planter to match, and you’re on your way to your very own home garden.


7. Wall art

If you don’t already have at least a couple of paintings or prints in your home, then it’s time to start decorating your walls. Family pictures are great, but a real adult household comes with at least a few pieces that will elevate your living room’s design and help you impress any potential guests with your taste.



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