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7 Commonly Asked Questions About Bathrooms



|Last Updated: 26 Jul 2022

Aside from it being our most favorite house spot, bathrooms have a lot of things we are still so curious about.

1. What will be better for a bathroom floor, marble or tile?

It will really depend on what style or interior you’re trying to create. Since your bathroom space will be consisting of various fixtures and elements, know which one would suit the overall look. To have a better understanding of the two most common flooring choices—marble and tile—here are a few things to consider:


  • Classifications
  • Composition
  • Stain-proof capability
  • Floor finish
  • Porosity
  • Price
  • Variations
  • Wastage


2. What tiles are best fitted for bathroom walls?

Just like your shower walls, your overall bathroom walls would look best and more streamlined with tiles that measure 4X4 or higher. Since these types of wall arrangements are much longer than they are higher, use tiles of this size or you could also try 12X24 (this is a good choice if you want large-size tiles).

3. How to make my bathroom floor less slippery?

If you’d like to make your bathroom floor less slippery (at least), you have to keep these four things in mind:


  • Make your tiles’ smooth surface rougher, this is usually done by using an anti-slip solution
  • You can add anti-slip treads or sticker to create more traction
  • Cover it up with non-slip bathroom rugs
  • Go for non-slip floor tiles (this can only be done if you're planning a whole-house renovation)


4. What is the best way to clean a tile floor?

No matter what tile material you have, one of the most important ways to have clean tile floors is to have it cleaned every week. Aside from that, you could also perform the following steps once or twice a week:


  • Remove dirt and by sweeping the tile and grout with a soft-bristled broom
  • Remove dust and remaining particles by vacuuming the floor with a brush attachment 
  • Make sure to thoroughly sweep and vacuum the area before mopping the tile floor. 
  • Bonus tip: Immediately wipe up water splashes, wet spots, and spills with a cleaning cloth because the longer it sits on the tile, the more difficult it is to remove the grimy dirt.

5. How to pick the perfect bathroom flooring?

There are various ways to choose which flooring is perfect for your bathroom. But to sum it all up, here are five quick tips to do so:


  • Determine your budget. Know how much are you willing to spend for that flooring choice of yours
  • Keep your bathroom aesthetics in mind. Consider the overall look before buying because you can’t just randomly choose materials for each bathroom fixture
  • Think of how you want to have your flooring installed. Would you DIY it or would you ask for professional service?
  • Consider the humidity and overall temperature of your bathroom. There are flooring materials that are susceptible to moisture so know which one you would go for.
  • Know beforehand how to maintain your flooring choice. If you think you’re up for constant caring and cleaning then go for a luxurious and visually appealing bathroom floor.

6. Are porcelain floor tiles slippery?

Porcelain floor tiles can be slippery. Since it belongs to the most common flooring options that are easy-to-clean, its smooth surface and non-porous nature make it all the way slippery underfoot.


7. What is the best thickness for floor tiles?

Generally, floor tile thickness can range from ½ inches to ¾ inches. There can be some floor tiles that are thinner or thicker than the standard. Always make sure to compare and ask for a professional before even starting the flooring installation.

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