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5 Useful Tips When Painting Your Interiors



|Last Updated: 26 Jul 2022

Our house’s interior colors play a big part when it comes to creating an overall home vibe.

We have to admit, not everyone has an eye for interior paint jobs. We see a million images of aesthetic interiors online but have we ever wondered what made us double-tap that picture? It’s the overall color that sets the mood and tone of the entire house. Our house's color schemes play a vital role when creating a cozy ambiance. So if you are planning to update your house palette, here are 5 useful tips when painting your interiors.

01. Don’t skip the cleaning

No one would want to apply a fresh coat of paint to a wall grimed with dust and dirt. Part of your paint preparation is cleaning your walls with soap and water. By doing this, you’ll let your walls become a fresh canvas ready to be splashed on. Clean walls will let the paint adhere properly to the surface—helping you achieve the consistency you’re looking for. Don’t forget to allow a few hours to let your walls dry completely.

02. Pre-plan your paint color, type, and finish

Unless you want to end up spending more than you’ve originally planned, thinking things ahead would save you more time and money. Always remember that it isn’t just about the color, it is also about the type and finish of your paint (aka “sheen”). You can choose between water-based paint vs oil-based paint, opt for enamel or primer, or simply pick among different types of paint sheens: flat, matte, eggshell, and satin.

03. Invest in your paint tools and supplies

Your tools would be key to your paint’s consistency. This is particularly important when you are doing a DIY paint job. If you already have innate talent when it comes to painting, matching it with quality tools would surely give you better results. Doing some research or asking the supply store would provide you with more ideas when painting your interiors. Make sure you do your assignment before hitting the store so you can ask the right questions and go for trusted brands.

04. Test your colors out

Now that you have gathered all the things you need for painting, it’s time to choose your palette. Whether it’s a single color or multicolor, trying samples first is one wise move. You don’t need to guess how this color will look on your wall, you can simply buy sample pints and test them out. Spending a few dollars for paint samples is much more worth it than purchasing gallons of paint colors that will not work.

05. If in doubt, hire the experts!

It will always be wise to hire experts when it comes to updating your house. They’re the best person to turn to when you start having second thoughts. Besides, there are a bunch of home remodeling companies who also offer interior paint services. It would not only save you time, but it would also save you money since you’ll end up buying the necessary materials for your interior painting project.



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