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5 Simple (But Important) Things To Do Before Home-Selling



|Last Updated: 26 Jul 2022

Home-selling can be tough and time-consuming. Planning things carefully will help solve the dilemma and ease up on this daunting task.

Selling your home would be one of the most stressful chapters of your life. For most California homeowners, letting go of your most-treasured house requires a lot of preparations—legally, financially, and emotionally. One may think that putting your house up to the market would mean spending thousands of dollars. Well, it shouldn’t be like that! There are plenty of cost-effective ways to increase your home’s worth. So before planting that “for sale” sign on your front lawn, here are 5 simple (but important) things to do before selling your home.


1. Ask for an Expert Advice

Hiring great real estate agents is a wise step when selling your house. Though with a usual 5% to 6% commission, it is still best to have an expert when trying to know your home’s real value on the market. These agents will help you have fair pricing and tell you what other documents to attend to when trying to close a deal. Asking for their professional advice will also help you scout for your prospective buyers. At least you’ll feel gratified knowing you have sold your house to the right person.



2. Paint Your House Anew

One of the cheapest ways to update your house is to paint it anew! A fresh and well-done paint job will do the trick when attempting to provide a good first impression. Since it’s part of the aesthetics, adding a fresh coat of sophisticated color scheme can boost your house’s curb appeal. Just remember to avail of the best paint services near you.



3. Upgrade Your Flooring

Choosing the best California flooring material is key to prolonging your house’s life span. There can be a wide variety of California flooring types you can choose from but please bear in mind that durability should be your top priority. Since you’ll be handing over your property to someone else, make sure to update your house and liven it up a bit to perfectly reflect its former homeowners and succeed in creating a cozy, home-feel vibe.



4. Make Small Improvements

Fix some loose handles, touch up that bedboard, replace that faulty flooring, or repair that faucet you’ve been meaning to fiddle with since summer. Splashing up new colors on your walls wouldn’t just be enough to cover up those tiny details of your house. Even before selling your house, be sure to inspect your entire home and finish all the pending projects you promised you’ll work on five years ago. 



5. Don’t Forget the Bathroom!

If you are aiming to sell your house to a new family, it is also good to add up one last project to your house. If your house has only one bathroom, it would be better to add another one and remodel it base on your prospective buyer. Giving off a few dollars to upgrade your bathroom would be a money well-spent since most of the new homeowners today are particularly interested in innovating their toilets.



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