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5 Good Feng Shui Kitchen Tips



|Last Updated: 26 Jul 2022

Many people believe that one key to a healthy and successful life is observing good Feng Shui.

According to former Feng Shui master, David Hu, adhering to practices like these is not an aimless estimation. It’s rather an exact science and careful calculation of every nook and cranny of your house. If you’re interested in knowing what Mr. David has to say when it comes to your kitchen arrangements then read on and don’t forget to take down notes.

1. Avoid the “bad angle”

Feng Shui experts say that positioning your stoves right at the corner of your kitchen is a bad idea. They consider this arrangement as a “bad angle” as it can cause back pain and thinking instability. You may place them in the corner but it should be at the right angle against the wall.


2. Refrigerators shouldn't be on the right side of the stove

David has expressly explained in his book that this arrangement is very crucial especially to women. This kind of setup increases the possibility of miscarriage so it is wise to have your refrigerators positioned at the proper side of your kitchen stove.


3. Kitchen sinks should not be opposite the stove

This is another unpleasant arrangement to avoid. Just like the right position for your fridge, kitchen sinks are also crucial when it comes to Feng Shui. Placing them right at the opposite side of your stove could also increase the chances of miscarriage so you better not try this kind of setup.

4. “Kitchen is the heart of the home.” (Not literally)

For a good Feng Shui practice, kitchens shouldn't be placed at the center of your dwelling place (literally speaking, this is contrary to the popular kitchen quote). Feng Shui masters like David strictly forbids this arrangement as it can cause higher risks of heart disease. Also, they have expressly explained that kitchen stoves shouldn't be situated at the center as well as it could also put you into further heart ailments.

5. Stoves and windows don’t work well together

If you like to sustain stable cash flow and lower the chances of financial problems, avoid placing windows above your stove. The same thing goes with sunbeams, it is said that stoves shouldn’t be directly exposed or positioned under a skylight. This arrangement can cause family issues and further problems with health and career.

Whether you’re looking to buy a property or planning to remodel your home, learning how to avoid unrecoverable Feng Shui errors wouldn’t hurt. It might just be an opportunity for you to eliminate bad energies hindering your long-awaited success in life.


Have you been thinking of your next home upgrade and would like to observe these good Feng Shui practices? Then you have come to the right place. With our recent interview and webinar with Mr. David Hu himself, we have gathered some useful tips and expert advice regarding Feng Shui and home renovation. You can even watch our recorded Feng Shui Tips for Home Renovation’ video and learn more about this ancient practice.


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