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3 Reasons Rigid Core Vinyl Flooring Is For You



|Last Updated: 26 Jul 2022

If you've decided on Rigid Core Luxury Vinyl for your next project, you've made a great choice!

First and foremost, Rigid Core Luxury Vinyl is 100% waterproof, durable, easy to install and maintain. Today's market offers an extensive range of Rigid Core options in different sizes, colors, looks, and finishes. But which one is right for you? Let us help you make an informed decision. Compared to previous generations of luxury vinyl, rigid core vinyl has become more in demand for three key reasons:




Rigid Core flooring is a do-it-yourself installation because it has an easier-to-install locking system. There's usually no acclimation time needed before installation. You can install your product as soon as you get home. It can also be installed over existing floors in any room in your home, including below grade, on-grade, above grade, and even basements. Rigid Core flooring is one of the most economical options considering product and installation costs combined.




The floor's appearance is an additional benefit. Rigid Core flooring is more forgiving for subfloor imperfections. It can be installed throughout a home without the need for transition moldings in a doorway or the middle of the floor. This allows for the seamless finish that you're looking for.




Finally, you get better noise and dent resistance. With a Rigid Core floor, you have options with a stone-based core, for improved dent resistance, and options with a pre-attach pad which makes for a quieter and warmer floor.




When it comes to choosing exactly which product is right for you, you'll want to consider style, durability, and comfort underfoot.


  • You get to choose just how impactful your luxury vinyl floor will be. Do you want it to stand out or do you want it to blend in? The color, look, texture, and size of the plank are key to achieving this specific style you're after. From stone-look to wood-look, multi-width, and multi-length, high-gloss or hand scraped, there's a wide selection that can meet the style needs of any home.


  • Next, you need to consider the durability, including the surface wear layer of the plank. Think about how busy your home is. Do you have kids or pets running around? Is your home typically quieter? The wear layer refers to the surface that provides the durability, stain, and scratch-resistance for vinyl products. The thickness of the plank also contributes to the strength of your floor. The more traffic you have in your home, the higher the surface wear layer you'll need. New technology like the Techtanium Plus surface has taken durability to the next level. Floorings integrated with this are protected from scuffs, scratches, fading, and stains.


  • When we talk about comfort underfoot, this means: do you want a plank that comes with a pre-attached pad? A pre-attached pad allows for a quieter, warmer floor. Some selections include planks with no pad, a foam pad, or a natural cork pad. Of these options, natural cork is the softest, warmest, and quietest underfoot. And it's also naturally resistant to mold and mildew.
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