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3 Genius Ideas For Your Small Bathroom



|Last Updated: 26 Jul 2022

Having a small bathroom can be challenging. However, it doesn't take a remodel to make it look and function like a much larger space.

Ideally,  the perfect bathroom consists of vast amounts of space, an enormous bathtub, natural light pendant, and gorgeous luxurious shrined water but in reality, most of us have pretty small footprints for our bathroom. If ever you aren't ready for an overall bathroom renovation, here are a couple of ways to give the illusion of grandeur and ferocity with some tips, specifically 3 valuable aspects to look out for in designing your small bathrooms.


Amplify Space

Since you're having a limited floor area for your bathroom, you might as well maximize the space. You can do it by strategically placing fixtures and space-saving bathroom pieces.


Space-saving vanities:

  • Single vanity or pedestal sink
  • Floating vanity with sink
  • Vanity Sinks with storage tower


Magical Mirrors:

  • Add depth and reflect light for a brighter and lighter feel
  • Hang mirror near a window to reflect natural light
  • Round frames or oversized mirror can make the room feel larger



  • Bright spaces feel more spacious and inviting
  • Choose lighted mirrors or medicine cabinets
  • Place reflective metal lighting fixtures near or in front of mirrors
  • Undermount or strip lights help eliminate shadows



Mind Your Bathroom Decor

Your bathroom decor also plays an essential part in your overall aesthetics. Each of these elements will contribute to your bathroom style and design and they help create an illusion of a much bigger space.


Interior Color:

  • Lighten and brighten with white, gloss, or neutral color palettes
  • Create a statement with an accent wall



  • Install open-shelve fixtures because they are great for storing and organizing
  • Steer away from clutter with floating shelves, towel bars, and hooks



  • Large, graphic patterns look less cluttered and busy than tiny ones
  • Choose fixtures and accessories that accentuate your walls



Create A Strategic Layout

This is undeniably a major component of your bathroom design. When you have a strategic layout of all your fixtures and furniture, you can easily trick your eyes by making space look wider than it really is. 


Shower Space:

  • Add clear glass shower doors to give the illusion of depth
  • For more floor space, choose shower curtains instead of swing-out doors 
  • Hang shower curtain over the tub or near the ceiling for the illusion of height


Bathroom Tiles:

  • Lay wall or floor tiles horizontally to make the room look wider 
  • Line tile vertically to make the ceiling look higher
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