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2022 Trending Kitchen Design Ideas



|Last Updated: 26 Jul 2022

We've collated a list of trending kitchen designs that are recently rising in popularity for the first two months of 2022.

While interior kitchen trends do seem to last longer than fashion trends they still aren't popular forever. Though these can inspire you and are worth incorporating into your own home, you should still design a kitchen following your need and your present lifestyle. For this year's designs, Eano Home Renovation has come up with a list of popular kitchen interiors that would definitely give you a good 2022 head start.




In the world of color, two main opposing color trends are going on right now.

  • First, we have the trend of big bold colors. Black is still holding strong this year whether that's your walls, countertops, or your cabinetry. If you like the look of black cabinetry but are worried that it will make your kitchen feel small or cramped, consider using this color on your lower cabinets and comparing it with a lighter color for your uppers. Contrast is key in achieving this scheme. If black is just too much for you, try considering Navy Blue and other jewel tones that are still holding strong. 


  • Those who choose to lean towards lighter tones, you're still in for this year's trend. Warm finishes are really on the rise in kitchen designs and these include Beiges, Browns, Copper, and warmer Gray. This is a continuation of the natural organic trend that has been around for a few years and continues to be in 2022. Brightly colored ranges and range hoods are rising in popularity as well.




When it comes to your kitchen's hardware, consider mixing metals in your kitchen. Even though this approach has been trending for a while, it seems to be even more popular this year. Mixing metals is definitely one of the unique techniques for any room of the home—including the kitchen—to look streamlined and sophisticated.


  • Storage - In terms of cabinetry, there's more of a focus than ever on maximizing cabinet storage. Smarter storage solutions such as dividers and pull-out spice racks are also seen more under counter appliances again in line with the more streamlined integrated trend. If you have the room butler pantries where you can add in an extra dishwasher and prep space, that would also be the next big thing in kitchens.


  • Aesthetics - Emphasis on kitchen islands has also attracted a lot of homeowners. Most of them tend to make their kitchen islands or countertops their kitchen's main focal point, though these are usually seen on larger homes. Whether they are side by side or parallel in a larger open floor plan, double islands provide a convenient way to divide activities like meal prep and serving. In addition to this, an extra sink such as an auxiliary sink has become an underrated upgrade for 2022 as well.


  • Space - It seems that others are catching on to why open shelving is so tremendous both functionally and aesthetically. Functionally, it makes getting to your everyday dishes so much easier, especially while you are cooking. Aesthetically, it really helps to visually open up and brighten your kitchen which is an excellent thing if the kitchen has limited space. Some property owners are even curating their kitchens along with the rest of their homes by adding unique accessories to their open-shelved kitchen.




For 2022, we have definitely seen a real focus on lighting in kitchen design, particularly accent lighting. Interior glass cabinet lighting, LED strip lighting on open shelving, and artwork lighting are easy ways to up the wow factor in your kitchen.




  • Countertop - Last year, concrete countertops were trending. This year, quartz seems to be the big leader along with other low-maintenance countertop materials. People still want beauty but they also want low-maintenance quartz that definitely delivers on both counts given its durability, antimicrobial features, and ability to replicate high-end stones such as marble.


  • Backsplash - In terms of backsplashes, clients are now choosing to extend their countertop material all the way up their walls. Large slabs of quartz, granite, stainless steel, or wood are eminent in most kitchen interiors.


  • Range Hood - Most people still enjoy brightly-colored range hoods, but it seems that steel range hoods are stealing the show.


  • Sink - Composite sinks which are made from a variety of highly durable materials such as quartz dust and acrylic resins were a big trend before. They are known to provide a similar look to stone but are easier to maintain as they are naturally non-porous. This material will continue to attract homes and will remain one of the genius kitchen designs for 2022. 


  • Technology-integrated items - 2022 is where technology integration in kitchens would rise. Whether it's an integrated charging station for your cellphones and tablets, tablet holders, and embedded audio systems in the cabinetry for streaming music, we're sure that smart kitchens are a major trend in new builds and renovations. Specifically, upgrades like touchless faucets are becoming more common.



*All images are from the internet.

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